Introduction to Flight Training Chapter 1 - Introduction to Flight Training
The primary objective of this chapter is to briefly discuss the knowledge and skills required of a safe and proficient pilot and the physiological factors associated with flight.

Flight training, if it is to be truly effective, involves more than learning the mechanical manipulation of an airplane's flight controls. Physical or mechanical skill alone is not enough. Operational knowledge and understanding of the associated elements are particularly essential in flying, where safety is the most important factor.

The more the pilot understands the principles of flying, how to apply those principles in performing maneuvers, and how the maneuvers relate to pertinent pilot operations, the more competent that person will be as a pilot. Ground instruction (whether in a formal or informal classroom) and flight training go hand in hand. Each complements the other and results in a training program which is more meaningful and comprehensive. This handbook is based on the premise that knowledge and understanding, as well as skill, are essential to safety in flight.