Chapter6 Chapter 6 - Basic Flight Maneuvers
This chapter discusses and explains the fundamental flight maneuvers upon which all flying tasks and techniques are based. In learning to fly, as in any learning process, fundamentals must be mastered before the more advanced phases can be learned.

Maneuvering of the airplane is generally divided into four flight fundamentals; (1) straight and level, (2) turns, (3) climbs, and (4) descents. All controlled flight consists of either one, or a combination of more than one, of these basic maneuvers. 

Proper control of an airplane's attitude is the result of the pilot knowing when and how much to change the attitude, and then smoothly changing the attitude the required amount, or maintaining a constant attitude. When flying by reference to objects outside the airplane, the effects of the pilot's control application on the airplane's flight attitude can be seen by observing the relationship of the position of some portion of the airplane to the outside references.