How Does A Deaf Pilot Obtain A Weather Briefing?

The Direct User Access Terminal System (DUATS) is available at most general aviation airports or on personal computers to provide weather information to pilots. A deaf pilot can also use a Relay Service to access a Flight Service Station briefer at 1-800-WXBRIEF (1-800- 992-7433).

DUATS is another source for getting a weather briefing and filing flight plans online. DUAT provides immediate on-line access to U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved information including: current continuously updated weather information, easy-to-understand plain language weather, flight plan filing and closing and automated flight planning.  

The service is free to those who hold a current medical certificates or flight instructors without current medicals or aviation ground instructors or glider/balloon pilots and other approved users in the U.S. aviation community.

When getting a briefing on DUATS, it is considered to be an official pre-flight briefing, with the same standing as a briefing by calling Flight Service. DUATS route briefing contains the same elements as a route briefing which is provided by an FAA Briefer. The briefing is recorded by DUATS, and your receipt of the data can be proven, should the need arise.

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