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Frequently Asked Questions By The Deaf In Regards To Becoming A Pilot  If Iím Deaf Can I Become A Pilot?

Aviation - Deaf Pilot Certification

  1. I am deaf, can I obtain a pilot certificate and if so are there limitations placed on a deaf pilot's certificate?
  2. What types of certificates can a deaf pilot obtain?
  3. What are the hourly requirements in becoming a pilot?
  4. How does a deaf pilot determine the traffic direction at an airport?
  5. How does a deaf pilot obtain a weather briefing?
  6. Are There Special Medical Requirements For A Deaf Pilot And Are There Limitations Placed On A Deaf Pilot's Medical Certificate
  7. When is a medical examination required?
  8. How do I choose a flight school and flight instructor?
  9. To obtain a private pilot certificate, is there a requirement for operations at a controlled airport?
  10. Are there any tests required to become a student pilot?
  11. How Do I Prepare For The Knowledge Exam, Practical Test's Oral And Flight Portions ?
  12. Where are the knowledge exams given?
  13. Resources For Individuals Who Are Deaf And Want To Become Pilots
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