New Century Aerosport Rolls Out Its New Radial Rocket Rg Aircraft


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New Century Aerosport Rolls Out Its New Radial Rocket Rg Aircraft

By Daniel Baxter

February 10, 2011 - With a fighter look and feel, radial power and easy to handle gear configuration, New Century Aerosport, Inc., located in Olathe, Kansas, has introduced the Radial Rocket RG.

Featuring a tricycle landing gear configuration. First flight of the new RG model took place at Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe, Kansas in December, 2010. 

New Century Aerosport began production of the Radial Rocket TD in 2005. The company developed the Radial Rocket RG in response to customer requests for a retractable gear version of the aircraft.

Company president Jeffrey Ackland states: ?Combining the retractable gear option with a nosewheel configuration provides the best of both worlds ? improved performance and ease of ground handling. This development opens up the Radial Rocket experience to a much wider range of pilots.? 

The first customer-built Radial Rocket RG is in final assembly, scheduled to fly in the spring of 2011. The Radial Rocket RG features a composite airframe designed for aerobatic flight. Power is supplied by the M-14 P (360 hp) or M-14 PF (400 hp) nine-cylinder, geared radial engine. The Radial Rocket is available as a comprehensive airframe kit, with customized build-assist options available. 

The Radial Rocket RG features a spacious comfortable cockpit with tandem seating for two. Ample forward and aft baggage compartments are accessed through external doors. The Radial Rocket RG utilizes extended wingtips, increasing overall span by 16 inches, offsetting the slightly increased empty weight and preserving climb/stall numbers. 

The Radial Rocket RG features a one piece wing with two full length I-beam spars with carbon fiber spar caps resulting in maximum strength for minimum weight. An NLF (natural laminar flow) airfoil design combined with a very effective slotted flap system provides excellent airfoil performance throughout the speed range. Flaps are actuated electrically.


Gear retraction is accomplished electro-hydraulically, using a power-pack consisting of an electric motor driving a hydraulic pump to actuate individual hydraulic cylinders at each gear leg location. A emergency gear extension is easily accomplished via a pressure release valve located in the cockpit that when actuated allows the gear to freefall into position. Gear freefall is assisted by springs exerting over-center pressure on the nose gear drag brace, and main gear side braces.

A high volume, heavy duty hydraulic power-pack produces very quick 4-5 second gear extension retraction times. The main gears incorporate a very rugged, heavy duty side brace assembly utilizing welded steel tubing and plate. 5.00 x 5 tires mounted on wheels with extra heavy duty disc brakes allow for the wheel/tire combination to be completely within the airfoil profile when retracted.


The heavy duty nose gear drag brace shares the same rugged design philosophy used with the main gear components. The nose strut features internal shimmy dampening, and automatically centers the wheel/tire prior to retraction. 

The Radial Rocket RG is available as a Comprehensive Airframe Kit. Customized builder assist services are available up to and including a ready to fly Radial Rocket. For more information you can check out their website.

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