First Notable Black Airline Pilots

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First Notable Black Airline Pilots    
Daniel M. Perryman   Reuben D. Jones   Mark Lumsden   Jim Betts

Flight Engineer For American Airlines. I chose aviation, - inspired by my father who was a mechanic for United Airlines. I was hooked on aviation after my first plane ride at eight years of age.


Captain American Airline Though my father did not graduate From the Tuskegee Airmen program, his participation in that program and picture of him in flying gear proved the original impetus for my interest in flying.


First Office For Northwest Airlines From a young child and early exposure to air travel, I knew I was interested in becoming a pilot. After high school, I began working and attending College and taking flight lessons, which was no easy task.


Captain American Airlines As an eight year old, my father took me to a house where the son built model planes. I immediately developed a love For planes and started building models.

Everton G. Martin   Larry Osborn   Kelwyn White   Damon A. Powell

Captain American Airlines My goal and dream to become an aviator has always been innate. The road was not always paved, but my goal remained in Focus and I knew I could not consider accepting less.


Captain American Airlines My interest in aviation pre- cedes my own conscious recollection. My mother tells me that I was drawing pictures of airplanes when I was four years old! I guess you could say simply, that I've been interested in aviation all my life.


First Officer American Airlines My inspiration to become a pilot came from the poem "High Flight."


First Officer American Airlines I dropped out of High School in the 11th grade and joined the Army. I went to infantry training. Subsequently I went to Europe. In my last year there, I started to take fly lessons on March 3, 1979. I took my first of a total of six lessons at $100 a piece.

Jessie F. Dixon Jr.   Ray Glenn Washington   Steve Davidson   Stephan Butler

Captain American Airlines My inspiration for becoming a pilot came from people. The first person was my uncle Williams with whom I came to California to live. He was a non-commissioned officer in the Air Force. The second person was Malcom Eady, a good friend and Air Force Officer. His life and lifestyle provided my inspiration.


Captain American Airlines As a child I enjoyed playing with and building model air- planes and spacecraft. During NASAs heyday with projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo, I was constantly tuned into the TV coverage. I even traveled to Florida to see, in person, the launch of the final Apollo mission to the moon in 1979.



First Officer American Airlines My father, Charles Wooster Davidson inspired my to become a pilot. He completed his Private Pilots in 1946. This made him one of the First black men in N.Y. to complete a license via civilian training.




Captain American Airlines As faith would have it, I was in a conversation about flying with a fellow student who was involved in aviation. it was recommended that I join the Air Force and follow my dream. I immediately took his advice and enrolled in the Pilots Training program.


Bill Wilkerson    Gregory N. Boggs     Ron Wright     Frontz Thomas 

Captain Piedmont Airlines. Had an early fascination with flying. His interest began at age seven, while reading a “how-to” book, The Book of Universal Knowledge. In it he found basic instructions on flying. From then on, Wilkerson’s interest grew into a determined ambition to become a pilot. Wilkerson received his pilot’s license at sixteen, even before his driver’s license.

  Captain American Airlines My earliest interest in aviation developed as the result of receiving a gas powered model airplane For Christmas when I was in the seventh grade. 

  Captain American Airlines Flying is something I always dreamed of and fantasized about. Obstacles intended to deter you from achieving your destination sometimes made that dream seem impossible. My advice to aspiring aviators is not to let anyone or anything discourage you. 

  Flight Engineer Falcon Air Express When I was young, I was always fascinated with air- planes. I would watch then as, they came and went from the airport. Usually they were DC- 3s. but one day I saw a Lockheed Constellation and its sleek shape and shiny frame as it sparkled in the sunlight. From that day on I would say to myself that one day I will fly one of those planes. 
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