The Tuskegee Airmen Part 7
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 The Tuskegee Airmen  

Part 7

Daniel "Chappie Jones"

Following the honored service of Blacks in World War II and realizing that a segregated force was wasteful and inefficient, then President I-Harry S. Truman signed an executive order in 1948 which signaled the abandonment of the official policy of segregation in the armed forces. Black military pilots, such as Daniel "Chappie" James and Frank E. Petersen, went on to successful careers during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts and most recently during the Gulf' War of 1991.

General Daniel "Chappie" Jr. was America's first Black four star general A combat veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars James flew many wartime missions and held a variety of leadership positions. He passed in 1978. He is pictured here in front of' his F-4C Phantom in Thailand during the Vietnam War. 

This caption is from a photograph taken in the early 1940s of Black aviators being trained for World War II: Roosevelt Field, L.I. -What is said to be the first Negro squadron appeared here in uniform (early 1940s) to go through their training paces. As soon as all obtain their pilot's licenses, they will go through an advanced flying course to prepare for possible duty in Abyssinia against the Italians. One of the group, Ms. Lola Jackson, far left, eventually expects to form a women's flying corps to serve as nurses. Editor's note: Some 4,000 Black women would serve in the Army in World War II as nurses.



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