SEC. 206. Flight Crewmember Mentoring Professional Development And Leadership


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SEC. 206. Flight Crewmember Mentoring Professional Development And Leadership

(a) Aviation Rulemaking Committee- 

(1) IN GENERAL- The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration shall convene an aviation rulemaking committee to develop procedures for each part 121 air carrier to take the following actions: 

(A) Establish flight crewmember mentoring programs under which the air carrier will pair highly experienced flight crewmembers who will serve as mentor pilots and be paired with newly employed flight crewmembers. Mentor pilots should be provided, at a minimum, specific instruction on techniques for instilling and reinforcing the highest standards of technical performance, airmanship, and professionalism in newly employed flight crewmembers.


(B) Establish flight crewmember professional development committees made up of air carrier management and labor union or professional association representatives to develop, administer, and oversee formal mentoring programs of the carrier to assist flight crewmembers to reach their maximum potential as safe, seasoned, and proficient flight crewmembers. 

(C) Establish or modify training programs to accommodate substantially different levels and types of flight experience by newly employed flight crewmembers. 

(D) Establish or modify training programs for second-in-command flight crewmembers attempting to qualify as pilot-in-command flight crewmembers for the first time in a specific aircraft type and ensure that such programs include leadership and command training. 

(E) Ensure that recurrent training for pilots in command includes leadership and command training. 

(F) Such other actions as the aviation rulemaking committee determines appropriate to enhance flight crewmember professional development. 

(2) COMPLIANCE WITH STERILE COCKPIT RULE- Leadership and command training described in paragraphs (1)(D) and (1)(E) shall include instruction on compliance with flight crewmember duties under part 121.542 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations. 



(A) IN GENERAL- As part of the rulemaking required by subsection (b), the Administrator shall establish a streamlined review process for part 121 air carriers that have in effect, as of the date of enactment of this Act, the programs described in paragraph (1). 

(B) EXPEDITED APPROVALS- Under the streamlined review process, the Administrator shall-- 

(i) review the programs of such part 121 air carriers to determine whether the programs meet the requirements set forth in the final rule referred to in subsection (b)(2); and 

(ii) expedite the approval of the programs that the Administrator determines meet such requirements. 

(b) Rulemaking- The Administrator shall issue-- 

(1) not later than one year after the date of enactment of this Act, a notice of proposed rulemaking based on the recommendations of the aviation rulemaking committee convened under subsection (a); and 

(2) not later than 36 months after such date of enactment, a final rule based on such recommendations.
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