RIRP Project ASDE-X  


RIRP Project: Airport Surface Detection Equipment - Model X (ASDE-X)

Investigating Low-Cost Surveillance Solutions.

Because of the high cost of existing Airport Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE-3) systems and strong safety requirements, the FAA is exploring lower cost commercial off the shelf (COTS) systems which will enhance the safety of airports which do not qualify for the ASDE-3.  The objective of the Surface Products Team  is to identify and evaluate commercial systems as possible candidates for ASDE-X.  The evaluation will consist of a trade off between cost, performance and supportability.  Currently, there are two commercial products being evaluated: 

The Raytheon product is being evaluated in two phases.  The first phase is complete and a system test report was published July 1996, entitled The Low-Cost ASDE Evaluation Report: Raytheon Marine (Phase I) Radar at MKE (ARPA M3450 / 18CPX-19), report number DOT/FAA/ND410-96/1.  Phase II evaluation is completed; however, the system test report has not been published. 

The Dassault product will be evaluated from January 1998 through May 1998 at Norfolk, VA.  A system test report will be compiled at the end of the test and evaluation period. 

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