Aviation Technical Stories Of Interest




Aviation Technical Stories Of Interest  

The Burning Issue Of Aging Wire
Ten years ago when United Airlines Flight 811 took off from Honolulu for Sydney, two thin wires rubbed together and an  electrical short circuit powered open the latches on the cargo door in the belly of the Boeing 747.  When the aircraft reached 23,000

One of the most interesting challenges in aviation for any pilot is transitioning to a new type aircraft. Normally, the pilot's first  question is, "How do I start?"  That question is an easy one to answer. The best way to transition to any new aircraft
Mountain Flying

Introduction Tips On Winter Flying, Dos and Don'ts of Mountain Flying, Density Altitude, Mountain Airports, Arrivals and Departures, Winter Flying Mountain Weather Factors, Cold weather preparation tips, Mountain Weather Flying, Flight Watch,
Weight And Balance

An Important Safety Consideration for Pilots. Aircraft performance and handling characteristics are affected by the gross weight and center of gravity limits. If every pilot were to understand and respect this fact, general aviation accidents could be

Tiedown Sense
Securing Your Aircraft, Tie Down During Windstorms, Securing Helicopters, Securing Seaplanes and Aircraft On Skis. This section will provide you with a clear understanding on the proper procedures used in securing your aircraft, helicopter and seaplane.
Plan Sense

This section includes Buying An Aircraft, Aircraft Owner Responsibility, Air worthiness Certificate, Aircraft Maintenance,  Aircraft Registration, Aircraft Maintenance Records, What Maintenance Can I do, Special Flight Permits, Air worthiness Directives, The Service Difficulty Program, Air
Traffic Patterns

calls attention to regulatory requirements and recommended procedures for aeronautical operations at airports without operating control towers. It recommends traffic patterns and operational procedures for aircraft, lighter than air, glider, parachute, rotorcraft, and Ultralight Vehicle operations
Minimum Control Speed

Every properly executed takeoff and landing you make requires you to operate the airplane at low airspeed. During training, students are taught "flight at minimum controllable airspeed" so they may learn the effect that airspeed has on airplane  performance and controllability. Information  
Time In Your Tanks

How to determine the "Time In Your Tanks" Maintain accurate flight time, power setting, and refueling records for each trip. Be conservative, figure your flight time from start up to shut down. Reasonably accurate fuel consumption rates (in gallons per hour) can be computed after a few flights
Instrument Takeoffs

A frequently overlooked, but very important, piece of  information on instrument approach charts is that about takeoff  procedures. This is information designed to keep aircraft clear of obstructions immediately after takeoff and during climb to  enroute altitude. These procedures are
Preflight Preparation

One of the most often neglected acts of a pilot contemplating flight in an aircraft is that of proper preflight planning. While the reasons remain obscure, the facts are well supported by aircraft accident statistics. Although the number of general aviation accidents has shown a downward
FAQ"S Maintenance

The Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 43,  Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration, permits the holder of a pilot certificate issued under  FAR Part 61 to perform specified preventive maintenance on any aircraft owned or operated by that pilot as long as the
Aerobatics: Effects Of  G- Force On Pilots

Because aerobatic flying subjects pilots to gravitational effects (G's) that can impair their ability to safely operate the aircraft, pilots who engage in aerobatics, or those who would take up such activity, should understand G's and some of their physiological effects. This circular provides

Insights To Good Landings

There's an old saying that "a good landing requires a good approach" and conversely a poor approach means a poor landing. ..." and basically these are correct. The approach is the primary key to putting the airplane on the ground where the pilot wants it, at the right speed and in the proper

How To Fly Your HSI

An HSI, or Horizontal Situation Indicator, is a combination of two familiar cockpit  instruments: the directional gyro with a heading bug and a VOR/ILS indicator.  Combining the directional gyro and the NAV indicator into one instrument reduces pilot workload by providing heading, course

Flying Light Twins Safely

The major difference between flying a twin engine and a single engine airplane is knowing how to manage the flight if one engine loses power for any reason. Safe flight with one engine-out requires an understanding of the basic aerodynamics involved as well as proficiency in engine-out

Stall And Spin Awareness Training

This section explains the stall and spin awareness training required under Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and offers guidance to flight instructors who provide that training. In addition, this AC informs pilots of the airworthiness standards for the type certification of small

Generators and Alternators: What's the Difference

Recently two people I work with had an electrical problem in a light twin. Fortunately the electrical failure happened in day VFR conditions and the aircraft had two pilots onboard. The benefits of being day VFR and having two pilots on board cannot be over emphasized. Although a single pilot

Computer-Based Aviation Training Devices

Recently, the status of FAA-approved personal computer-based aviation training devices (PCATD's) was discussed with the FAA's Flight Standards' Certification Branch here at Headquarters. At issue was the apparent misunderstanding some people may have about the use and role of PCATD's in

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