Securing Seaplanes And Aircraft On Skis




Securing Seaplanes And Aircraft On Skis Tiedown Sense

Securing Seaplanes And Aircraft On Skis 

Aircraft mounted on floats or skis should be secured in the usual manner to tiedown anchors or "deadmen" sunk under the water or ice. When warning of an impending storm is received, pilots have been known to partially flood the floats of their aircraft, thereby partially sinking the aircraft. In addition, the aircraft is tied down securely to anchors.

Seaplanes moored on land have been saved from high-wind damage by filling the floats with water in addition to tying down the wings. Pilots of ski-equipped aircraft sometimes pack soft snow around the skis, pour water on the snow, and permit the skis to freeze to the ice. Although the techniques mentioned in this paragraph are not recommended practices, they are cited here because they have proven effective in preventing damage from sudden windstorms. Extreme care must be taken to reverse the effects of any such measures prior to operation of the aircraft.

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