Chapter2 Chapter 2 - Introduction to Airplanes and Engines

This chapter provides an introduction to the basic airplane, engine, and associated equipment. Although there is no need for the pilot to know how to disassemble or assemble an aircraft, a knowledge of the various parts is essential in understanding their purposes and use. To the experienced pilot, the discussions that follow may seem elementary; but for the beginning pilot they lay the foundation on which to build knowledge of airplane and engine operation.
The pilot gains experience, more will be learned about how the airplane flies and how its many components operate. In this chapter, then, the objective is to identify the major parts of the airplane and engine, and briefly explain their functions and principles of operation.

The structural units of any conventional airplane are: (1) fuselage, (2) wings, (3) empennage, (4) flight controls and control surfaces - primary and auxiliary, and (5) landing or flotation gear. When assembled, these units constitute the airplane structure or airframe (Fig. 2-1).