AvStop Magazine Online

Chapter 1. General Information

Section 1. Foreword
1-1-1. Purpose
1-1-2. General
1-1-3. Information Sources
1-1-4. Precautions
1-1-5. Subscription Information
1-1-6. Comments, Corrections, and Questions
Section 2. Passport and Visa
1-2-1. Obtaining a Foreign Visa
1-2-2. Obtaining a Passport
1-2-3. Location of Passport Agencies
1-2-4. Proof of United States Citizenship
1-2-5. Mutilation or Loss of Passports
Section 3. International NOTAM Availability and Distribution
1-3-1. Availability and Distribution of International NOTAMs
Section 4. National Security
1-4-1. General
1-4-2. Special Security Instructions
Section 5. International Interception Procedures
1-5-1. General
1-5-2. Signals
Section 6. Intercept Pattern for Identification of Transport Aircraft
1-6-1. Phase I
1-6-2. Phase II
1-6-3. Phase III
Section 7. Flight Planning Notes
1-7-1. Oceanic Position Reporting
1-7-2. International Flight Plans
1-7-3. Instructions for Completing the International Flight Plan
Section 8. North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Requirements
1-8-1. General
1-8-2. Monitoring of Navigation Accuracies
1-8-3. Routes between Iceland and Northern Europe
1-8-4. Routes between Specific Points in Portuguese Territory
Section 9. U.S. Aeronautical Telecommunications Services
          1-9-1. Services Available for Aircraft Engaged in International or
          Overseas Flight
          1-9-2. Selective Calling System (SELCAL) Facilities Available
Section 10. Charts and Publications for Flights Outside the U.S.
1-10-1. Charts and Publications
1-10-2. Orders for ONC Charts and FLIPS
Section 11. Oceanic Long-Range Navigation Information
1-11-1. Basic Oceanic Long-Range Navigation and Communications Requirements
1-11-2. Use of Very High Frequency (VHF) and High Frequency (HF) for Communications
1-11-3. Special North Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific Area Communications
1-11-4. Guard of VHF Emergency Frequency
1-11-5. Use of Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) for Navigation
1-11-6. FM Interference
Section 12. Registration Requirements
1-12-1. Registration Certificate Requirements for Border Crossings