Container repairs share some techniques with canopy repairs, such as single-side patches. Most repairs, however, involve replacement of panels or flaps, VelcroŽ, grommets, plastic stiffeners, worn binding tape, and broken hand tackings. Even more so than canopy repairs, the cosmetic results of the container repair are most important to the customer, and thus the rigger. A shoddy repair to the container is immediately obvious each time the user puts on the parachute. Even if it is functional, it has to look good to instill confidence in the user.

7.2 The following are repairs found in Section 2 of this chapter.

7.2.1 Container fabric panel repair

7.2.2 Container grommet replacement

7.2.3 Container VelcroŽ replacement

7.2.4 Container plastic stiffener replacement

7.2.5 Main container side flap replacement

7.2.6 Bottom of container (BOC) pocket replacement

7.2.7 3-ring release housing replacement


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