Survey Reveals Airports Deliver The Most Attractive Audience To Advertisers


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Survey Reveals Airports Deliver The Most Attractive Audience To Advertisers

By Daniel Baxter

April 23, 2012 - A nationwide Scarborough research survey found that Business Frequent Flyers are 83 percent more likely than all American adults to be the first to try or buy new products and services.  

This custom study was commissioned by Clear Channel Airports (CCA) and conducted by consumer market research firm Scarborough. The survey results highlight the value to advertisers of targeting frequent travelers while they are in transit in airports.  

The study included nearly 2,000 adult participants age 18 or older, and highlights the importance of airports in today?s busy multimedia world. Airports, a ?high dwell time environment,? deliver a captive audience and provide advertisers with a potential for strong returns on investment.

In addition, according to the survey, approximately three in four Frequent Flyers and Business Frequent Flyers both notice airport advertising and take the time to actually read the message.  

The national survey found that airports provide advertisers with a saturated audience of affluent, educated, tech-savvy travellers. The two key audience groups identified by the survey are Frequent Flyers (adults who have taken 3 or more round trip flights in the past year) and Business Frequent Flyers (adults who have taken three or more round trip business flights in the past year).  

Frequent Flyers account for over 38 million adults, and Business Frequent Flyers account for over 11 million adults, with an average household income of $125,000*. While Frequent Flyers and Business Frequent Flyers represent 36% of total flyers, they account for 70% of all airport impressions due to their more frequent travel.  

The survey also showed that airports have a number of unique, high-visibility touchpoints?from security lines and concourses to connection hub, baggage claim and ground transportation areas?that allow advertisers to reach captive audiences in impactful ways. Clear Channel Airports is able to capitalize on these touchpoints through innovative programs that complement the unique airport space, such as compelling digital networks in gate hold areas, baggage carousel wraps, and interactive experiential brand exhibits in the heavily trafficked concourses.


?This is an important study that highlights for companies of all sizes the significant buying power of frequent travellers,? says Toby Sturek, President, Clear Channel Airports. ?This study identifies a consumer demographic that spends time and money engaging with airport advertising and is very receptive to new products and services. The study is clear: airports deliver high returns for advertisers.?  

?The survey revealed that frequent business travellers are key market influencers. It is noteworthy that even with smartphones, iPads and many other mobile devices, frequent travellers are influenced by airport advertising,? said Scott Willoth, Senior Vice President of Analytics & Insights for Scarborough. ?This research is consistent with the unique value that Scarborough provides by focusing on customized studies that offer deep and actionable insights.?  


From user demographics to the impact geographic signposts have on advertising impressions, the survey demonstrated airports to be an ideal environment in which to engage an audience of affluent consumers.

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