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Pilot Arrested After Transporting $1.2 Million Worth Marijuana In His Plane
By Eddy Metcalf

December 20, 2013 – Ken Barton Burrows, 53, of Orem, Utah was arrested after being tracked by the FAA and the Department of Homeland Security for transporting $1.2 million worth marijuana in his aircraft. 

Burrows, a licensed private pilot since January 2012 departed from California, enroute to Pennsylvania Burrows’ was operating his aircraft in what authorizes called in a suspicious manner by zig-zagging and flying at low altitudes which appeared to authorities as though he was trying to avoid radar.

When Burrows landed his Cessna at New Castle Airport for refueling he was approached by the Mahoning Township Police. He was asked if his aircraft could be searched at which time Barrows refused. Lawrence County District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa said “Homeland Security had been notified by the FAA. They scrambled a Blackhawk helicopter to intercept the plane when it landed, and as soon as he touched down, they blocked the runway. Agents then got off the helicopter and began asking Mr. Burrows some questions. Based upon his answers to those questions they decided it was important to get law enforcement officers out there.” 

Mahoning Township Police brought in drug sniffing dog, the dog did a walk around and indicated that there was drugs onboard the aircraft. At which time a search warrant was issued and the aircraft was searched. The police discovered within the fully loaded aircraft within boxes 242 pounds of marijuana. 

Burrows was arrested and held on $250,000 bond but was later let go and allowed to continue his flight to Rhode Island. When Barrows landed and In Rhode Island a second drug smuggler Michael M. Daniels of Tiverton, R.I was arrested after he took possession of the marijuana by loaded it into a minivan. Both Barrows and Daniels face charges in federal court with conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute. A preliminary hearing for Burrows had been scheduled for Thursday in Lawrence County Central Court, but it was continued. No new date for the hearing has been set.



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