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Self Taught Teen Arrested For Stealing A Aircraft And Fly It Without A License
By Daniel Baxter

November 28, 2013 - A Minnesota teen, Geoffrey Marshall Biteman, 18 was arrested for sealing a Cessna 150 aircraft and piloting an aircraft without a licensee. The self taught Biteman pleaded guilty on Monday to stealing an aircraft and using it for joyrides since the summer. 

Biteman flew the Cessna 150 from Roseau to a number of airports throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. The 1971 Cessna 150, N6985G belonged to Major Joshua Rasmussen of Minnesota who is currently deployed with the Air Force in Afghanistan. 

Biteman was arrested on October 22, after a report was called into Roseau Police Department On October 9, indicating two young had flown into Roseau Airport and after landing they had used the airport courtesy car. When police arrived at the airport they checked out the plane that Biteman had flown in and found mail inside the plane that belonged to Biteman. 

The police contacted the airport manager at Thief River Falls Airport where the aircraft was based. The airport manager told police that he had seen the teen fly the aircraft throughout the summer and on several occasions he saw the teen fuel the aircraft from gas cans rather than fueling from the hanger or a fuel truck.


The police eventually traced the location of the stolen aircraft to a sugar beet farm in North Dakota. The owner of the farm, Kevin Lee told police that the teen had worked for him and that he had been late for work one night "All of a sudden I hear this plane." Lee further stated the teen had landed the Cessna on an unlit road and then taxied the aircraft into his yard and that the aircraft was still there. 

Biteman pled quilting in Roseau County District Court to sealing the aircraft and he also pled guilty to stealing Roseau Airport courtesy car. Court documents indicate Biteman had indicated he was a student studying aircraft repair. 

Roseau County Assistant County Prosecutor, Michael Grover indicated the plea agreement included over $1,000 in fines, restitution, included 60 days in jail, followed by upon release 60 days of home monitoring, probation for five years. Should Biteman default on his plea agreement he could get up to 13 months in prison. Biteman is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, December 3. (see "The Barefoot Burglar")



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