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Dear Sirs,

Referring to the last aviation accident (Air France flight 447), I asked myself why, nowadays, is so difficult to obtain reliable (and sure) data from a flying plane in every flight condition.

I remember that, in the II World War, fighter planes were equipped with cameras coupled to the fire onboard device (photo machine-gun). Is it strange (or fantastic, in the miniaturization or nanotechnology era) to put a movie camera (functioning daylight and infrared - al l weather conditions) at the top of the vertical stabilizer looking forwards, equipped with wide-angle lens and another, of the same type, below the cockpit looking backwards under the fuselage (so as to observe all the aircraft behaviors)? Such devices may be able to transmit continuous data (and images) via satellite adopting a compressed data system in the wise of military encrypted protocol message (short and compressed wave packages).



So, I hope, we can overwise every communication gap (like that offshore Fernando de Noronha Island).

Last suggest: the flight recorders (or black boxes).

In the case of flight AF 447, they actually are at the deep of 5 thousands meters beneath Atlantic Ocean surface. Well, we can double the recorded data in a flash memory put in a safety capsule (e.g. located in a special lodging in the tail of the aircraft); in case of flight disaster, a barometric device (interlocked with the landing gear or flaps device in normal conditions) provides automatically to expel the cap, by a inert gas gun, out of the body (this may be an arrangement like the sonar buoy device that equipped antisubmarine aircraft, but, obviously, of a smaller size). The cap, by a parachute or other means, may arrive to soil or floating on sea surface, while a radio transponder emits signals for its rescue.

My best regards,

Antonio Alei, transport mechanical engineer

Capena (Rome) - Italy

e mail: antonio.alei@virgilio.it