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Cessna’s 400 New Variant The TTX Makes First Production Flight A Success
By Shane Nolan

March 6, 2013 - Cessna Aircraft announced the Cessna TTx completed its first production flight on Saturday, March 2. The single engine composite aircraft departed from the Cessna facility in Independence, Kan. and performed the flight in and around southeast Kansas. 

"The TTx performed exceptionally well," said Brian Steele, business leader for the TTx. "In the course of the flight, the pilot took the aircraft to 17,000 feet, and achieved a speed of 213 kts. The TTx is a nimble, top of the line airplane. It's the world's fastest fixed gear, single engine piston aircraft in production - pilots who like to go fast and go in style are going to enjoy the TTx." 

On March 29, 2011 Cessna unveiled several improvements to the Cessna 400 at Sun 'n Fun, designating the new variant the TTX. The aircraft has not been selling well since the late-2000s recession started, with 110 delivered in 2008, the first year Cessna produced the model, 41 in 2009 and just seven sold in 2010.


The improved aircraft features a new glass cockpit panel, designed by Cessna and based on the Garmin G2000. Called Intrinzic it features two 14 in (36 cm) wide high definition screens that use an infra-red grid under the glass to accept touch commands. The updated model also dual Attitude and Heading Reference Systems, a GFC 700 autopilot, a Garmin GTS800 traffic avoidance system, Garmin GTX 33ES transponder with ADS-B and the Garmin Electronic Stability Protection System, which protects the aircraft from operations outside the approved flight envelope.  

The new TTX model has no traditional instruments and instead employs the L-3 Trilogy as a back-up. The TTX also features a built-in pulse oximeter, a new paint scheme and a new interior. By the end of Sun 'n Fun 2011 the company indicated it had sold 16 of the new TTX model. Cessna announced that a flight-into-known icing package would be an option on the TTX model. The system will provide up to 2.5 hours icing protection. 

The TTx is capable of reaching top speeds of 235 kts (270 mph). The aircraft features an optional Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) system and an operating ceiling of 25,000 feet, both of which allows greater flexibility to plan flights in varying weather conditions.  

At long range settings, the TTx has the ability to cross the United States with only a single stop. During the development process, the TTx has flown 275 flights and logged 339 hours in the air.



The TTx is the first aircraft to be equipped with the Garmin G2000 avionics system and features a glass cockpit with dual 14.1 inch high definition displays and touch screen controls. The TTx is also equipped with the Garmin Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) system, a feature designed to help pilots keep the high-performance aircraft operating within the normal flight envelope. Inside the cabin, passengers will find a comfortable interior, featuring stitched, leather seats and seat belt airbags. 

"Being able to celebrate the maiden flight of the first production TTx is a rewarding experience for everyone who has helped with making the TTx a reality," said Jodi Noah, Cessna's senior vice president of single engine/propeller aircraft. "This program has many passionate followers, and this is a moment we've all been eagerly anticipating. Congratulations to the team for delivering on Cessna's promise, and for taking this next step towards delivering the TTx to the marketplace."
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