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FAA Issues Public Notification Against Ameri King Corp

March 1, 2016 - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today has issued an Unapproved Parts Notification to aircraft owners, maintenance facilities, parts suppliers, etc. that stems from the manufacture and sale of aircraft parts by Huntington Beach, CA company that were not approved by the FAA.

The FAA has determined that Ameri-King Corp. manufactured, sold or distributed aircraft for installation on FAA type certificated aircraft, which did not conform to an approved design, but were represented as FAA approved.


Back on December 28, 2015, the FAA issued an emergency cease and desist order to Ameri-King Corp., terminating their Technical Standard Order Authorization (TSOA) and their Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) (PMA is an approval granted by the FAA to a manufacturer of aircraft parts).

The emergency cease and desist order required Ameri-King to immediately cease and desist manufacturing, selling, and distributing any parts and articles for installation on FAA type certificated aircraft. The order further prohibited the company from advertising, repairing, rebuilding, altering or installing aircraft parts.

It appears Ameri-King Corp. may be continuing to produce parts and articles represented as TSOA or PMA approved despite the emergency cease and desist order. The FAA has indicated that any parts and articles produced by Ameri-King Corp. after December 28, 2015, were produced without an FAA production approval.

In addition, based on the investigation that led to the issuance of the emergency cease and desist order, the FAA is not confident parts and articles manufactured by Ameri-King Corp. prior to December 28, 2015, were manufactured in accordance with approved design.



FAA regulations require that type certificated products conform to their type design. Aircraft owners, operators, manufacturers, maintenance organizations, parts suppliers and distributors are encouraged to inspect their aircraft and/or aircraft parts inventory for subject parts and articles produced by Ameri-King Corp.

Those parts and articles produced or shipped after issuance of the cease and desist order are not FAA approved. Should these parts be found installed on aircraft that FAA has stated the parts must be removed. If the parts are found in inventory they can not be sold or distributed.

The parts manufactured, sold, distributed, installed by Ameri-King Corporation include:

- Global Positioning System (GPS) Navigation Switching Annunciator Panel: AK-950

- GPS Cooling Fan: AK-950-F1, AK-950-F2, AK-950-F3, AK-950-F4, AK-950-F5

Radio Frequency Interface (RFI) Direct Current (DC) Filters: AK-950-FTR, AK-950-FTR1

- Automatic Pressure Altitude Digitizer Equipment (Altitude Encoder): AK-350

Airborne Static (“DC to DC”) Electrical Power Converter: AK-550 Series, AK-551 Series

- Emergency Locator Transmitter Equipment: AK-450 Series, AK-451 Series

- Lithium Batteries: 450010 Series

Many of these parts today are being sold on the internet to uninformed buyers (You only need to type in a Google search, Ameri-King or Ameri-King AK). For aircraft owner, operator or maintenance organization with related questions, contact the FAA Seattle Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) at (425) 227-2829.
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