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Drivers Bring Up Cessna 210 And Its Pilot After Midair Collision At Airshow

May 1, 2014 - The wreckage of a 1965 Cessna 210 containing the body of its pilot, was recovered on Wednesday after the plane crashed into San Francisco Bay on Sunday following a midair collision with another aircraft while participating in the Pacific Coast Dream Machines air show at Half Moon Bay Airport. 

The Cessna 210 had collided with a Korean War era show plane a Hawker Sea Fury TMK 20 around 4 PM. It is unclear why the two aircraft were flying so close, but witnesses reported upon impact the Cessna 210 began an out of control spiral and then crashed. 

The pilot of the Hawker Sea Fury TMK 20 was able to safely land his aircraft at Eagle's Nest Airport, were the two aircraft had originally taken off from and at the time of the crash both aircraft were on their return flight back to this airport.


A marine salvage crew located the Cessna 210 aircraft about 1 1/2 miles from the Richmond shoreline in about 13 feet of water. The pilot was the sole occupant onboard, he has been identified as David Everett Plumb, 33, of Rocklin, California. 

Jimmy Lee, spokesman for the Contra Costa County Sheriff's office said it was difficult in searching for the aircraft and that they needed to used radar data which became available on Tuesday. The NTSB provided search teams with coordinates of the plane based on its last radar position about 4:05 p.m. Sunday. 

The pilots of both planes were describes as binging "good friends". A witness reported that on the return flight Plumb had indicated to the Hawker that he wanted to take in-flight photos of the Hawker. The pilot said that it was a good photo opportunity.

Officials reported the Cessna 210 was being used as a "chase plane" for the World War II-era Sea Fury on the afternoon of the crash. Chase planes are used for aerial photography and to monitor real time flight activity.



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