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Airports Across The Country Receive FAA Grants For Airport Improvements
By Bill Goldston

September 10, 2012 - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced it would provide funding for airport improvements at several airports across the country.

Those airports include Portland-Hillsboro Airport, James M. Cox Dayton International Airport, Fort Worth Alliance Airport, Van Nuys Airport, Ralph Wien Memorial Airport, Indianapolis International Airport, Venice Municipal Airport, Orlando International Airport and Robert J. Miller-Ocean County Airport.

Portland-Hillsboro Airport will receive $6.9 million federal grant for runway and taxiway improvements.


The grant from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) will fund the replacement of the 20 year-old pavement on Runway 2/20, which is nearing the end of its useful life and requires frequent maintenance to repair cracks.

The project also will include moving a runway threshold to provide pilots with better views of an intersecting runway. Taxiway C that runs parallel to the runway will also be reconstructed and moved further from the runway to enhance safety.

Portland Hillsboro Airport is the second busiest airport in Oregon with more than 214,000 takeoffs and landings in 2011. Runway 2/20 runs perpendicular to the airport’s primary runway and allows aircraft to land and take off when wind conditions prevent them from using the primary runway. The runway and taxiway work is expected to begin in mid-2013 and end in the fall.

Fort Worth Alliance Airport will receive $10 million as part of a multi-year project to extend the runways. The FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant will pay for continued work to extend each of Alliance’s two runways to 11,000 feet. The project has been underway for several years and involves extensive work to relocate a nearby state highway and a railroad to make way for the longer runways. The entire project is expected to be complete in 2016.



James M. Cox Dayton International Airport will receive $4.8 million grant to expand the apron area around the terminal. Completion of the project will ensure a clear line of sight between the control tower and the aircraft movement area near the terminal. The grant will fund the removal of the Concourse D building, along with rehabilitating and expanding the apron area around the terminal. Demolition of the Concourse D building is scheduled to begin this year and the entire project is scheduled to be completed by late 2013.

Van Nuys Airport will receive $18.4 million to reconstruct and repave the primary runway. The grant will pay for rehabilitating the entire 8,000-foot-long primary runway. Construction is expected to begin in early 2013 and take nine months to complete. Van Nuys had about 300,000 takeoffs and landings in 2011.

Ralph Wien Memorial Airport in Kotzebue, Alaska will receive $15.5 million to expand runway safety areas (RSAs). The grant will help improve RSAs at both ends of Runway 9/27, which is the longer of the airport’s two runways. RSAs protect passengers and crew if an aircraft overruns, undershoots, or veers off the side of the runway. The RSA work at Ralph Wien is complex because Runway 9/27 is surrounded by water. The project will shift the 5,900-foot runway 200 feet to the east, move a lagoon channel, remove a portion of a hill, and create a new sea wall to protect the west end of the runway. More than 170,000 cubic yards of clean fill will be delivered by barge to Kotzebue for use in this project. Work is expected to begin in October and be completed in late 2014.

Indianapolis International Airport will receive $3.2 million for the construction of a de-icing containment facility. The grant will help pay for the upgrade and expansion of the storm water/de-icing system.  The existing storm water system is operating at full capacity. This project will replace the linings of both systems and allow for better efficiency on the field.

Venice Municipal Airport in Venice, Florida will receive $7.1 million for runway repairs, runway safety area upgrades and taxiway construction. The grant will allow the airport to reconstruct Runway 4/22 and allow for improvement of the runway safety area to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. The taxiway project will provide the recommended separation between the runway and taxiway.

Orlando International Airport will receive $9.6 million grant to rehabilitate the runway and taxiway and to purchase an aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle for Orlando International Airport. The Runway 18R/36L rehabilitation project will extend the useful life of the pavement and provide for realignment and rehabilitation of Taxiway A, which is needed to meet FAA design standards and to extend the useful life of the pavement. The new aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle will replace the current vehicle which is too expensive to maintain.

Robert J. Miller-Ocean County Airport in Berkeley Township, N.J. will receive $6.2 to construct a new runway. The grant will fund the first phase of a new 3,600-foot-long asphalt runway and taxiway, including site preparation, environmental mitigation, electrical work, and paving for a section of the new runway. The new runway 14/32, which will cross the existing runway, will provide greater flexibility for smaller aircraft.  A second runway will increase efficiency, especially during the winter when prevailing northwest winds limit operations on the airport’s existing 6,000-foot-long runway, 6/24. Approximately 100 aircraft are based at the airport, including aerial firefighting teams, a Civil Air Patrol unit, emergency service aircraft, and corporate and recreational aircraft. A total of 31,000 takeoffs and landings occur annually.

The Airport Improvement Program (AIP) provides $3.35 billion in annual funding for airport improvement projects that are vital to maintaining the safety, capacity, and environmental stewardship of our nation’s airports.  More than 3,300 airports are eligible for AIP grants benefiting commercial passengers, cargo operations, and general aviation activities throughout the nation.
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