Chapter 6. Emergency Procedures


Section 1. General
6-1-1. Pilot Responsibility and Authority
6-1-2. Emergency Condition- Request Assistance Immediately


Section 2. Emergency Services Available to Pilots
6-2-1. Radar Service for VFR Aircraft in Difficulty 6-2-5. Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
6-2-2. Transponder Emergency Operation 6-2-6. FAA K-9 Explosives Detection Team Program
6-2-3. Direction Finding Instrument Approach Procedure 6-2-7. Search and Rescue
6-2-4. Intercept and Escort


Section 3. Distress and Urgency Procedures
6-3-1. Distress and Urgency Communications 6-3-4. Special Emergency
(Air Piracy)
6-3-2. Obtaining Emergency Assistance 6-3-5. Fuel Dumping
6-3-3. Ditching Procedures


Section 4. Two-way Radio Communications Failure
6-4-1. Two-way Radio Communications Failure
6-4-2. Transponder Operation During Two-way Communications Failure
6-4-3. Reestablishing Radio Contact


Section 5. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Communications
6-5-1. Discrete Emergency Frequency
6-5-2. Radio Call Signs
6-5-3. ARFF Emergency Hand Signals



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