There are two general categories of canopies: round and square. While there are other canopy types, their construction and repair techniques generally follow those of the round and square canopies. Figure 7-1 shows a round canopy repair table, created from current military manuals, and describes the types and limits of canopy repairs, most of which pertain to military or surplus canopies. It must be mentioned that all of the services differ in their approach to methods of repair. Those called out in this book are methods that have been proven to be practical and efficient and commonly accepted throughout the parachute industry. The techniques are similar with only minor differences in seam dimensions and tolerances. While these limits are practical from the technical point of view, the economic cost may not be in many cases.

Figure 7-2 shows a table of square canopy repairs and limitations. These are for reference only and not all manufacturers allow the same types of repairs. The rigger should consult with the proper manufacturer’s manual for what repairs are allowed on that particular canopy.

7.1 The following are the repairs found in Section 1 of this chapter.

7.1.1 Seam restitching

7.1.2 Canopy ripstop tape repair

7.1.3 Round and square canopy—Basic patch

7.1.4 Round canopy—Panel replacement

7.1.5 Square canopy—Partial panel replacement

7.1.6 Square canopy—Rib repair

7.1.7 Square canopy—Pilot chute attachment point repair

7.1.8 Round canopy—Noncontinuous line replacement

7.1.9 Square canopy—Main line replacement

7.1.10 Square canopy—Line splice

7.1.11 Square canopy—Control line replacement

7.1.12 Square canopy—Crossport repair

7.1.13 Square canopy—Trim check and retrim

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