Can a comparison be made between aviation emissions and non-transportation sources?




Can A Comparison Be Made Between Aviation Emissions And Non-Transportation Sources?


There is an understandable interest in comparing aviation emissions to other sources in local air quality areas. For example, the total mass of emissions coming from an airport may be comparable to those of a power plant or petroleum refinery in the same region.  

Airports, however, are quite different from non transportation sources. Like cities, they are comprised of a variety of different emission sources. Aircraft arrive at the airport, stay for a short period and depart, with a different aircraft taking off or landing every few minutes. 

Passenger cars, shuttle buses, and taxis calling on the airport do not operate there exclusively, also serving homes and retail, commercial, and governmental establishments. Power boilers and chillers at the airport are independently permitted, as is similar equipment at other locations. For these reasons it is difficult to compare the composite of sources that make up an airport to another emission source like an industrial facility or power plant even when their magnitude of emissions is similar.



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