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Former American Airlines Pilot Makes Outrageous Anti-Gay Claims
By Steve Hall

December 11, 2013 - David Agema was a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot in Vietnam, when the war ended he gained employment for American Airlines. Agema worked for American Airlines as a pilot and upon his retirement he ran and won as Michigan House of Representatives representing the 74th District in 2006. Agema served three terms. 

A tea party favorite, in 2012, Agema won a seat on the Michigan Republican National Committee. In 2013, Agema faced calls to resign from the Republican National Committee after he posted extracts from an article entitled "Everyone Should Know These Statistics On Homosexuals" which described homosexuality as a "filthy lifestyle." Agema also stated gay and lesbian’s intend to turn people against Christianity, and that many gay people are paedophiles.

Agema has once again come under fire for stating before the Berrien County Republican Party Holiday Reception last Thursday that he witnessed gay coworkers at American Airlines claiming AIDS victims as lovers to get health care coverage. Agema further stated that homosexuals want domestic partnership benefits extended to same-sex partners because gay people are dying of AIDS between the ages of 38 and 44, and they want free medical care. Below is a transcript of the words Agema spoke at the Holiday Reception. 


Agema said “I also put a bill in that was, quote unquote, controversial, but it’s not. And I brought that up to your 6th District meeting here a while ago. This is the GOP platform nationally. We don’t have a platform in the state of Michigan. We should have. We should adopt this. It would stop the bickering and bring us some unity. 

“Because on this, it talks about some of the issues that I took a lot of flak for pushing. And one of them is I stand for traditional marriage, not homosexual ones. (audience applause) ... the basic unit of government in society. 

“When you tear the family apart, you tear the country apart. I worked with these individuals for almost 30 years with American (Airlines). I know what they do. I know what happened to American Airlines when San Francisco said we could not land in San Francisco and do business with American Airlines unless we paid same sex unmarried benefits.



“The pilots said, ‘Bologna. Don’t go there anymore.’ “Can’t do it. Too big a market. Can’t do it. Well, what happened? Say me and, what’s your name again, first name? Martha. I’m a flight attendant. You have AIDS. You come to me and say, ‘hey, tell them I’m your lover for the last six months.’ You get on our health care. American Airlines spends $400,000 before you die of AIDS. And he goes on to the next, and the next, and that’s what was happening. 

“Folks, they want free medical because they’re dying between 38 and 44 years old. It’s a biggie. So, to me it’s a moral issue. It’s a Biblical issue. Traditional marriage is where it should be and that is in our platform, so people that are opposed on that issue within our party are wrong. It’s in our platform. (audience applause)” 

He then went on to tell the story about how he got the position as a Republican National Committeeman for Michigan. 

“We passed a lot of resolutions. When I put the resolution in called Core Values, I took flak within our own party because of the traditional marriage and the homosexual marriage within our party. It’s in our book, folks. I not only took flak in Michigan, I took flak throughout the United States. Because they are very organized. I took flak from England. I took flak from Germany. I took flak from the Netherlands. 

“I also got a lot of great letters. Telling me to stand, Dave, just stand. OK, I will. I’ve been working with these people for 30 years. I understand. I will not fold on that issue. So, I went back to my meeting and I got this resolution passed 100 percent through committee and 100 percent through all 168 members.”

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