History of Early Hispanic Pilots Carlos Martinez de Pinillos


Carlos Martinez de Pinillos

Peru, Withdrawn of the School of Arts and Offices of Lima specialized in motors of explosion, steam and mechanics generally. Being in Trujillo its native earth, the 07 of October of 1920, beginning in aviation and came with Tweddle to enter to Bellavista. In his learning it broke record when flying “only” before the eight hours. In the lapse of 20 days it receives the heading Nº 08 and 1º of October of 1921, makes a flight to the city of Trujillo.

This pioneer, one of first brevetados in Bellavista the year 1921, enthusiastic one by the Aviation in which he began being a simple Mechanic of Automobiles, was precursory of the “present Taxiaéreo”, when in his endeble “Curtiss” he flew on our coast of border to border, taking fleeting. She was also by the vehemence of his huge personality, person in charge, we see as it after the shining trajectory of Elmer Faucett to that gave successes, piloting its airplanes in all the national territory.

In days 19 to 31 of March of 1928, in a biplane You tan of its property makes flights, in propaganda to his projected raid. Later in April it flies to the north of the country, visiting Trujillo, Chiclayo and Piura. Soon it happens to White Cabo, Sullana, Lobitos, Would destroy, Negritos in the outward journey, and Chimbote, Casma, Huarmey, Knew, Huacho, to the return; in order to land in Maranga the 22 of April of 1928 after the tour.




Martinez de Pinillos, continued flying, between the 24 of April and the 3 of May, on the capital and the environs taking fleeting and making their own propaganda. The 9 of May embark in the Aconcagua steam course to New York.The 23 of May of 1928 arrived Martinez de Pinillos at New York and it was dedicated to visit the airfields of Long Island, to acquire the appropriate Airplane, a Fairchild monoplane of 220 HP, motor Wright with 22 hours of flight distance, that would denominate “PERU”. And also the International Petroleum Company would provide free of charge all the fuel that needed the airplane during its raid.

The eagerness of Pinillos, from already, were crowned by prestigious foreign companies; and the 21 of June embarks with their machine course to Peru. The Peruvian town that distinguished always it by its patriotism and the moral support that offers to all work of good that tends to engrandecer to Peru, taking care of the invitation that attended the “Committee Pro-flight: Good File York Air-File went to the pebble, offering to the pilot a warm reception.

After the 19 to 21 of November of 1928 Peruvian aviators Carlos Martinez de Pinillos and Carlos Zegarra Lanfranco realise several test flights in the Bellanca monoplane of 220 denominated HP “Peru” for his projected New York Raid - around America.

Of 11 of December from 1928 to the 16 of January of 1929, our aviation would be crowned of glory with the feat of two of its favorite children; to the unforgettable Raid that consecrates to Carlos Martinez de Pinillos so eximio pilot, as also calculating and like navigator Carlos Zegarra Lanfranco with its famous Airplane “Peru”.

From Lima to the beautiful Brazilian city of Bethlehem do For, first stage of this flight of circumvolution with route of 10.666 km with intermediate scales in Santiago of Chile and the countries of the Coast of the Atlantic in South America using 74 hours and 13 minutes of effective flight by continent means, had made flame proud the standard Mother country.

Soon they embark towards New York stops to fly there to Lima after the supreme payable day, that one 25 of June of 1929 in Las Palmas where we saw arrive spirited and strong after 27 days.

The Raid of Martinez de Pinillos, was the most shining Aerial feat of then; 20.635 km crossed by the continent, in 157 hours 55 minutes of total flight, visiting 13 Countries and 25 cities.

He was considered the 24 of January of 1929, the first aviator of Peru by Liga the International of Aviation of Paris.

Years later it permission to retire, serving like pilot of Compañía de Aviación FAUCETT S.A., got to complete 10.000 flight hours in his professional life. It passed away in his home, Precipice surrounded by all his the 23 of June of 1947.


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