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American Airlines To Update Employee Uniforms After More Than 20 Years
By Mike Mitchell

January 26, 2013 - American Airlines has tapped fashion designers Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco of KAUFMANFRANCO to design new, more modern uniforms for its people. This update is another step forward in the transition to American's new look, revealed last week, refreshing the travel experience for its people and customers. 

The new uniforms will be the first complete refresh in more than 20 years and will be designed with the job requirements of each workgroup in mind, to provide maximum comfort and convenience. The new uniform pieces created by KAUFMANFRANCO will reflect the aesthetics of American's new visual identity, as a new generation of customers begins to take flight. 


"These uniforms represent one more step toward building the new American," said Denise Lynn, American's Senior Vice President People. "We're committed to creating the best work environment for our people so that they can, in turn, deliver the best travel experience for our customers. We're especially excited about the collaborative nature of this project, giving our people a role in the process to develop uniforms that will be both functional and fashionable." 

The partnership between American Airlines and KAUFMANFRANCO, the first of its kind for the airline, will allow collaboration throughout the design process and will begin with the development of new uniforms for flight attendants, customer service agents and premium service team members. Working with KAUFMANFRANCO, elements from these new designs will then be incorporated into a refreshed look for pilots. 

The design process with KAUFMANFRANCO will take approximately 18 months, from sketches to fabric selection to focus groups and fit tests, before the new uniforms are rolled out in 18 to 24 months. 

The go-to designer for Hollywood's elite, KAUFMANFRANCO is known for its craftsmanship, attention to detail and innovation. This announcement comes at a pivotal time for KAUFMANFRANCO as the design team prepares for its first runway show in New York on Feb. 11 at Lincoln Center. 



"It's exciting to think that we can put a KAUFMANFRANCO stamp on such an important American icon," said Ken Kaufman, KAUFMANFRANCO designer. "We plan to mix the elegance of American's rich fashion heritage and incredible style with today's cutting-edge technology. It's about creating a wardrobe inspired by our fashion runway for American's runway." 

"Our vision is to put the 'you' back in uniform and break the formula that one look fits all," added Isaac Franco, KAUFMANFRANCO designer. "We recognize that individuals make up American's incredible team and we are creating a wardrobe of pieces that will make each person look and feel amazing. We want to send a very powerful message when the plane door opens and a new iconic look emerges." 

American's fleet service clerks will also receive new uniforms from a separate provider later this year. The uniforms were designed in collaboration with the Transport Workers Union (TWU) and fleet service team members and will incorporate a modern style reflecting the new look, with breathable, weather-compatible fabrics and comfortable styles tailored to their unique role.
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