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EAA AirVenture 16th Annual Cup Winners Announced

July 29, 2013 - The winners have been announced for the 16th Annual EAA AirVenture Cup cross country air race. The race started at 9:30 AM Sunday morning departing from Mount Vernon, IL with 2 turn points before ending in Waupaca, WI for a total mileage of 460 nm.

The fastest aircraft of the day was a Turbine Legend, flown by Marty Abbott who came in at a time of 1:17:55 and an average speed of 354.30 mph. A total of 48 aircraft raced in the event, which included experimental and certified aircraft categories.

Two of the aircraft, both Glasair I TDs, where flown by Steve and Bruce Hammer, who have been competing against each other in the race since 1998. Bruce beat his bother this year by just under six minutes. 

In the Formula FX Red class, father/daughter duo, Rich and Heather Lamb, came in second, this being their 5th year racing together in a Long EZ.  


This year also marked a milestone for the race when two young gentlemen who previously raced with their fathers in years past, Jay Behl and Colin Hogan, entered the race with their own aircraft competing against their fathers, Lee Behl and Bernie Hogan. Race Results: 

- 1st Place: Race 104, Marty Abbott Turbine Legend 354.30mph 1:17:55
- 2nd Place: Race 007, Rene Dugas Turbine Legend 307.36mph 1:29:49 

- 1st Place: Race 5, Lee Behel GP-5 324.90mph 1:24:58 

- 1st Place: Race 30, Harry Hinkley SX-300 314.54mph 1:27:46
- 2nd Place: Race 10, Keith Phillips SX-300 286.07mph 1:36:30
- 3rd Place: Race 21, Alan Crawford Lancair Legacy 277.96mph 1:39:19



Sport FX 
- 1st Place: Race 39, John Angerson F-1 Rocket 220.11mph 2:05:25

Sea Sport 
- Race 80: Race 80, Keith Walljasper Seawind 3000 166.7mph 2:45:36

Formula RG Blue 
- 1st Place: Race 38, Mark Quinn Lancair 360 242.55mph 1:53:49
- 2nd Place: Race 13, James & Sandy Redmon, Berkut 239.32mph 1:55:21
- 3rd Place: Race 777, Craig Schulze Lancair 360 239.01mph 1:55:30

Formula RG Red 
- 1st Place: Race 324, Robert James Lancair 320 216.91mph 2:07:16

Formula FX Blue 
- 1st Place: Race 91, Bruce Hammer Glasair I TD 258.20mph 1:46:55
- 2nd Place: Race 111, Klaus Savier & Jenny Tackabury, Long EZ 253.92mph 1:48:43
- 3rd Place: Race 73, Steve Hammer Glasair I TD 242.97mph 1:53:37

Formula FX Red 
- 1st Place: Race 46, Jeff Malia Cozy Mk III 221.64mph   2:04:33
- 2nd Place: Race 93, Rich & Heather Lamb, Long EZ 210.62mph 2:11:04
- 3rd Place: Race 14, Neil Newton Glasair II TD 206.86mph 2:13:27

RV Blue 
- 1st Place: Race 27, Jon Ross RV-8 217.74mph     2:06:47
- 2nd Place: Race 411, Jeff Barnes RV-6 215.56mph 2:08:04
- 3rd Place: Race 12, Alan Carroll RV-8 209.98mph 2:11:28

RV Red 
- 1st Place: Race 49, Tony Crawford RV-4 197.49mph 2:19:47

- 1st Place: Race 22, Sam Hoskins Quickie Q-200 205.48mph 2:14:21
- 2nd Place: Race 98, John Keich & Amanda Lance, Midget Mustang, 171.94mph, 2:40:33
- 3rd Place: Race 3, Jerry Peck Long EZ 169.45mph 2:42:55 

- 1st Place: Race 19, Carri Hoagland Taylorcraft BC-12 84.20mph 5:27:51

- 1st Place: Race 193, Bob & AnnElise Bennett, Beech S35 212.54mph 2:09:53 
- 2nd Place: Race 101, Henry Punzi Mooney M20J 201.82mph 2:16:47
- 3rd Place: Race 64, Colin Hogan & Robby Browder, PA-24-400, 187.01mph, 2:27:37

- 1st Place: Race 332, Steve Applebaum, Diamond DA-20 146.38mph 3:08:35

Heavy Metal 
- 1st Place: Race 85, Craig Payne CJ-6 187.56mph 2:27:11 
The awards ceremony was held last night at Wendt's Restaurant with over 100 in attendance. The EAA AirVenture Cup Race was founded in 1997 in the spirit of recreating the old Bendix Trophy Race and is dedicated to aviation advocacy and preserving the rich heritage of cross-country air racing. The race is held annually in advance of EAA AirVenture.

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