International Aero Engines Launches SelectTwo Engine Program


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International Aero Engines Launches SelectTwo Engine Program

By Shane Nolan

March 14, 2011 - International Aero Engines AG (IAE) has announced the launch of its next generation V2500 engine, V2500 SelectTwo. An upgrade option for the V2500 SelectOne, SelectTwo is projected to provide 0.58% fuel burn savings compared to the V2500 SelectOne engine for a 500 nautical mile A320 mission. 

SelectTwo is comprised of a software upgrade for the Electronic Engine Control (EEC) as well as a new data entry plug (DEP). For a 10 aircraft Airbus A320 fleet flying 2,300 flights per year, this upgrade equates to savings of $4.3M USD over 10 years at current fuel prices, and 14,800 tons of CO2. 

Additionally, V2500 SelectTwo remains compliant with the most stringent CAEP/6 NOx standards. "SelectTwo is the latest example of how IAE effectively strives for new methodologies that enhance value to our customers," explained Ian Aitken, IAE President & CEO.

"We are fully committed to providing substantial support and continued investment in the V2500." SelectTwo is now available as a Sales Order Option for V2500-A5 SelectOne engines. Entry into service is planned in 2013 after a rigorous validation testing and certification program. IAE is working with Airbus on a flight test that is to be completed this year. 

IAE had developed the abortive Superfan for the Airbus A340. IAE's current purpose is the development, production and aftermarket services of the IAE V2500 aero engine family, which powers the Airbus A320 family and McDonnell Douglas MD-90 aircraft. The IAE V2500 turbofan is one of the most successful medium bypass ratio engines in the world. IAE V2500's direct competitor is the CFM International CFM56. 

Two V2500 aero engines, similar to those that power the Airbus Industrie A320 aircraft, generate enough power to provide electricity for a city of over 60,000 people. Fan tips for the higher thrust versions of the V2500 travel at more than 1000 mph, 40 percent faster than the speed of sound. 

The total amount of power produced by a V2500 is equivalent to the power produced by about 100 family cars. About 25 tons of air passes through the engine every minute, equivalent to over 50,000 people exhaling at the same time. The temperature of the air leaving the engine compressor is about 10 times hotter than the hottest summer day or 1/10 the temperature of the sun's surface.

IAE International Aero Engines AG is a Z?rich-registered joint venture manufacturing company formed in 1983. With more than 190 customers in over 70 countries, the IAE V2500 attracts customers as the most cost effective engine on the A320 Family. It is available in seven different thrust settings, from 22,000 to 33,000lb, to power the Airbus A319, A320 and A321 family of aircraft as well as the Airbus Corporate Jetliner.

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