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Mooney International Reveals New M10 Design

April 21, 2015 - Mooney International revealed its new M10 design to the US Aviation Market at Sun`n Fun 2015. The presentation of a full-scale mockup at the Mooney International Booth showcases the design and innovative ideas being incorporated into the M10 J and T model aircraft which was unveiled last November at the Zhuhai Airshow in China.

The company is currently in the final construction phase of a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) flight test aircraft that will fly later this year. This follows the Preliminary Type Certification Board (PTCB) meeting between Mooney and the Los Angeles FAA-ACO in February at its offices in Chino, California. The PTCB meeting was a first step in the process that will lead to FAA certification scheduled for late 2017.


“The new M10 series Mooney will add a new product dimension to the current production lineup which is currently anchored by the popular M20 Ovation and Acclaim aircraft. The M10J and M10T are bringing new technology and innovations to general aviation and Mooney aircraft that have not been seen before,” said Mooney CEO Dr. Jerry Chen.

The smaller and less expensive Mooney M10T and the M10J boast innovation at a new level of the fleet mix and these aircraft will provide a stepping stone to Mooney’s high performance M20 series. The M10T is a modern fixed gear composite trainer equipped with Continental’s CD-135 Diesel engine.

The M10J will provide an upgrade from the M10T with more luxury, amenities and a higher horsepower CD-155 Diesel engine for the owner pilot. These two new Mooney aircraft will provide the general aviation market with a modern aircraft, not only for the well-established aviation markets like North America, South America and Europe, but also for the fast growing Chinese market.



“The new design shows our focus on aerodynamic design and continues the Mooney tradition of efficiency and speed. The stylish and ergonomic interior of the M10 will ensure an enjoyable experience for the pilot and passengers,” said Mooney Vice President of Engineering, Tony Parker.

The completed mock-up will tour the U.S. at different airshows and made its official debut at a private media reception in Lakeland, Florida, at Sun `n Fun 2015. The next milestone for the M10 is the first flight of the POC later this year.

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