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American Airlines Pilot Held In Jail, Desire To Torture, Rape, Massacre Young Children
By Mike Mitchell

August 27, 2013 - A 23 year American Airlines veteran pilot Christopher S. Holmes, 55, of Wilton Manors, Florida remains behind bars at Broward County Jail on charges of possessing a laptop in which photos were discovered showing sadistic sex acts inflicted on children. 

In addition federal authorities have emails and copies of online chats where homes allegedly spoke of his desire to violently rape and sexually assault children. American Airlines spokeswoman, Andrea Huguely said, “Capt. Holmes is withheld from service.” 

Holmes came on the government’s radar back in 2012, when Milwaukee Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) executed a search warrant relating to a Methamphetamine investigation at the home of Jeffrey Hussinger, at the time he was a Computer analyst with Milwaukee Health Department. Agents seized several computers and electronics devices.

Upon inspection of the computers, agents discovered images depicting children engaged in sexually explicit conduct as well emails and online chats with several individuals including Christopher Holmes. There were Yahoo messenger chat logs between Hussinger (milwcowboy@yahoo.com) and Holmes (toilettop2000@yahoo.com) in which Holmes talks about his desire to violently rape and sexually assault children. 


In April 2013, the DEA notified HSI and the South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force of Holmes alleged sexual involvement with children. At which time subpoenas were issued to a number of Holmes internet accounts.

During the feds investigation they learned that Homes was a pilot with American Airlines that traveled frequently outside the U.S. As a result HSI placed a "look out" on Holmes’ passport which would allow U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to keep a close eye on him.

On August 16, 2013, Captain Holmes was stopped at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), after arriving on a Flight AA752 from Guadalajara, Mexico. As a result of "look out" placed on him, Holmes was selected for a secondary examination by Customs and Border Protection officers, at which time CBP took possession of Holmes’ laptop computer. Holmes told CBP agents that he had had purchased the laptop in the United States before going to Mexico and that the computer had not been in any other person's possession.



A forensics test was done by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) on Holmes’ laptop which revealed numerous photos of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct and being held in bondage. Court documents report one photo depicted a small prepubescent male child being digitally penetrated, an image depicting a prepubescent male child bound and gagged, with an object inserted into his anus, an image depicting a female child between the ages of six and nine gagged and bound by rope hanging upside down with what appeared to be a marker inserted into her vagina and an image of a prepubescent male under the age of 10 holding an erect penis of an adult male.

Holmes’ computer also contained a photo of what appears to be a dead child that received lacerations and covered in feces. This picture is captioned, "This novel way of spitting a meat animal requires that you wire in appendages to the spit before placing it over the coals."

In addition, court documents indicated agents discovered a three page chat log between Holmes (toilettop2000) and an unidentified subject using the screen name "Jimmy Wright" that contained sadistic and violent descriptions of child rape, torture, and murder. Holmes describes in detail his desire to torture, rape, and then massacre young children at a school. These chats occurred on August 6, 2013. Holmes was arrested Friday in Fort Lauderdale by U.S. marshals. He remains held at the Broward County Jail.

(U.S. District Court Northern District Of Texas, United States Of America V. Christopher Holmes Case 0:13-mj-06405-BSS)
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