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Rockwell Commander Goes Down On Approach To Tween Airport Killing Four
By Mike Mitchell

August 11, 2013 – On Friday a Rockwell International Turbo Commander 690B, N13622 crashed on approach for Tweed New Haven Regional Airport, Connecticut killing the pilot, his son and two children on the ground. 

The Rockwell Commander, piloted by Bill Henningsgaard took off from Teterboro Airport, New Jersey with his 17 year son Maxwell to touring colleges crashed into a residential community at about 11: 25 AM. 

NTASB investigator Patrick Murray reported the pilot was in contact with the tower just before the crash but did not give any indication that any thing was wrong nor did the pilot make a distress call to air traffic control. “The aircraft impacted the side of the house inverted between 60 to 70 degrees”. The aircraft's left wing struck one home the right wing struck the other and the tail section came to rest upside down. 


The aircraft burst into flames setting both homes on fire killing two children in one of the homes. The children have been identified as 13 year old Sade Brantley and 1 year old Madisyn Mitchell. The mother of the children was able to escape from the burning home. 

The weather at the time of the crash was overcast with light rain with visibility of 5 miles. Henningsgaard a resident in Washington state was rated a commercial multiengine instrument pilot with a 3rd class medical certificate and was required to have available glasses for near vision. 

Henningsgaard was a member of the Social Venture Partners they stated on their website “Many of you know first-hand how the extraordinary and visionary leadership of Bill Henningsgaard was visible all over this community. He worked tirelessly to build partnerships and facilitate efforts that put us on the path of engaging the community to actively support every child, step by step, from cradle to career. Bill walked the talk to make our community stronger. 

“There are hundreds of people that have a story about Bill – when he went the extra mile, when he knew just the right thing to say, how he would never give up. He was truly all-in for this community, heart, mind and soul. After he did just about everything he could at SVP and then Youth Eastside Services, he moved on to i-labs and now Eastside Pathways, and many other points along the way. One of the true losses is how much more he had to give, but his legacy is one of authentic, caring commitment to this world”.


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