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NJ Legislative Committee Looking Into Gov Christie Flight Logs

February 10, 2014 - The New Jersey bi-partisan legislative special investigative committee that is investigating the George Washington Bridge Fort Lee lane closures is now investigating whether Governor Chris Christie had flew in a State Police helicopter over Fort Lee during the four day traffic lane closures back in September 2013. 

Governor Christie has stated publicly he knew nothing of the lanes being shutdown until it was reported in the news in October 2013.

However, former Port Authority official David Wildstein who ordered the Fort Lee Lane closures has alleged through his attorney that Christie was aware of the lane closures while it was happening.


The New Jersey state legislative committee has issued 18 additional subpoenas including one to the New Jersey State Police aviation unit. The committee wants to review Christie’s helicopter flight records and speak with the pilots to determine if Christie had flew over the Fort Lee traffic jam. 

The governor’s office has confirmed that Christie did take a flight in the vicinity on September 11th when he attended a ceremony at the World Trade Center when he arrived and departed by helicopter and returned back to Trenton, the state’s capital. The governor’s office would not be specific on the exact route of flight. During the ceremony at the World Trade Center, Christie was photographed laughing with David Wildstein. 

Fort Lee lane closures began on September 9th and ordered reopened by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appointee, Patrick Foye, executive director of the Port Authority on September 13. Governor Christie has stated repeatedly that he knew nothing of the lane closures (Bridgegate) and it was his staff that was behind the political scandal.



The traffic lane shutdown caused massive traffic jams. “Nothing was moving” Within hours of the lane closures, officials at the Port Authority were being informed that the lane shutdowns had posed a threat to public safety, students were stuck on busses for over four hours at a time, on September 9th a 911 call was made to Fort Lee emergency medical services for a patient, Florence Genova of Fort Lee. Because of the traffic lane shutdown the paramedic were considerably delayed in responding. Genova died of cardiac arrest. 

Christie office staff as well workers at the port authority had sent each other text messages in which they appeared to be pleased at the mayhem that they caused. One text message from Bridget Kelly, Christie's longtime aide and most recently his deputy chief of staff said "Is it wrong that I'm smiling." Wildstein replied “No." Kelly replied "I feel badly about the kids. I guess" (referring to the kids stuck on the busses). Wildstein responded "They are the children of Buono voters," referring to Barbara Buono, Christie's Democratic opponent in the November election.
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