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Esteban Hotesse Aircraft Accident Report By U.S. War Department 

Date of Accident: July 8, 1945

Aircraft Number: 44-30746
Pilot: Samuel A. Black  - Killed
Copilot: Glenn Fullian - Killed
Navigator Bombardier: Esteban (Stephen) Hotesse - Killed
Engineer: Isiah Grice - No Injury
Gunner: Napoleon G - Major Injuries 

Summary of Accident - On July 8, 1945, the twin engine B-25 (B= bomber) aircraft departed Goodman Field, Kentucky for a military exercise over Hayes Bombing Range and then a training flight. The aircraft was to drop its bombs and then continue on a low altitude cross country where the co-pilot would take the controls.

At Madison, Indian the copilot began his decent from 1,000 feet to his assigned altitude of 100 feet above terrain. The copilot dropped below his assigned altitude, with water splashing onto the aircraft, both pilots attempted to pull on the yoke to gain altitude, with no success.

The aircraft crashed into the Ohio River in Indiana killing the pilot, copilot and Hotesse. It was reported the upon impact the cockpit and tail broke away from the aircraft.

See accident report below or you can download Accident Report PDF File. See The Only Known Dominican Born To Serve As A Tuskegee Airman




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