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Jeppesen Launch First Class 3 EFB Paper Replacement Enroute Solution For The Commercial Aviation Industry
By Jim Douglas

July 16, 2012 - Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services, and Boeing recently introduced the “Boeing Enroute Application” the first Class 3 electronic flight bag (EFB) solution that replaces cumbersome paper enroute charts in the flight deck for commercial operators. The Boeing Enroute Application is the newest EFB component in the Jeppesen EFB solution family that increases situational and operational awareness for airlines. 

Designed for use with certified and fully integrated aircraft EFB systems, designated as Class 3, the Boeing Enroute Application provides an interactive, data-driven enroute display based on industry-standard navigation information from Jeppesen’s global enroute library.   

Optimized, vector image rendering of current Jeppesen chart data helps pilots to enhance the decision making process to maintain or improve safety standards. The option to eliminate paper-based materials in the cockpit helps increase operational efficiency through improved fuel efficiency and a reduction of overall costs.   

“The Boeing Enroute Application offered through Jeppesen’s EFB solution introduces true data-driven digital enroute information delivered in the right format at the right time,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management.


“Providing the first Class 3 EFB digital enroute solution for the commercial aviation industry is an exciting development that eliminates the need for fumbling with paper-based materials and offers a new world of touch-screen enroute functionality to enhance situational awareness.” 

The Boeing Enroute Application is compatible for integration with Block Point 3.7 and 4.4 EFB platforms. Pilots using the Boeing Enroute Application are able to filter preferred enroute display information through selection of airports, airways, waypoints, airspace, NAVAIDs and terrain on-screen. The Boeing Enroute Application is available to Jeppesen and Boeing EFB charting customers at no additional charge.   

The Boeing Enroute Application solution eliminates concern for in-flight Internet connectivity, as critical information is resident on the EFB and accessible at the time needed by pilots.  An intuitive, pilot-focused design of the Boeing Enroute Application provides one-touch access to all EFB enroute features, to increase operational efficiency.


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