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Jetblue Pilot In Court On Heroin Charge
July 22, 2014 - JetBlue pilot, John Manwaring, 42, of Maitland, Florida arrived at Logan International Airport about noon time on Sunday. Upon leaving the airport he checked in at Boston Park Plaza Hotel with and expected flight out on Monday at 7:30 AM.

Later in the day Manwaring met up with a known prostitute/drug user, Jennifer Robinson, age 31. The two went down to the Boston Commons to purchase drugs. About 5:30 PM, Boston police witnessed the drug deal go down on Boylston Street near Boston Common and the couple was arrested for possession of heroin.

Boston police had been monitoring the area of Boston Common between Boylston and Washington Streets for drug activity after neighbors in the area had been complaining of ongoing drug activities near St. Francis House, a day shelter on Boylston Street.

The police were familiar with the individuals in the area walking the streets due to prior drug arrests. Manwaring who was walking with Robinson toward a drug dealer, Pedro Davilla, became of interest to the police.
Police officers witnessed the drug deal go down and rushed in on the couple. Boston police recovered a plastic bag from Manwaring’s right pants pocket and Robinson also turned over a plastic bag that she had in her bra. The plastic bags contained powder believed to be heroin. Robinson also had on her possession a crack pipe.

Robinson told police that she got the drugs for Manwaring and Manwaring informed the police that the drugs were for Robinson “I didn’t get the drugs, she did.” Manwaring further stated to the police that he could not use drugs because he was a commercial airline pilot. Manwaring further stated he doesn’t use heroin or any drug and stated he was just seeking to have sex.

On Monday Manwaring appeared before Judge Michael Coyne in Boston Municipal Court were he pled innocent of possession of heroin, Manwaring was released on his own recognizance. JetBlue reported that Manwaring has been removed from duty pending outcome of the case.

Robinson who pled innocent was being held without bond for a violation of probation. Robinson also has a pending charge for prostitution in Chelsea District Court. While in court Robinson pleaded with Manwaring to bail her out. “I’ve been here all day.”

Manwaring holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and is a glider flight instructor. He holds a type rating in A/EMB-145, A/ERJ-170 and A/ERJ-190 aircraft.



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