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A Look Inside Trump's Boeing 757-200

July 22, 2015 - Donald Trump, Republican 2016 presidential candidate has been out on the campaign trail bolstering himself as a wealthy business magnate, claiming his net worth “is in excess of $10 Billion”.

Yet the aircraft that Trump boost so much about, his Boeing 757-200 aircraft which has his name, "Trump" painted across the aircraft fuselage with golden letters is by most air passenger carriers standards an old aircraft.

Although Boeing sold 1,054 of these aircraft, Boeing ended production of this aircraft in 2004. Trump's Boeing 757-200, N757AF, which has red "T" on the tail was built in 1991, which makes this multi billionaires' aircraft over 24 years old.

You would think with his money he would have purchased a more efficient aircraft like the Boeing 737-900ERs, a 2015 model sells for just measly $100 million. Trump, who has portrayed himself as a smart businessman, reportedly purchased the Boeing 757-200 from Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen for $100 million in 2010, and spent several million giving the aircraft a Trump-style makeover. 

Today a significant number of the Boeing 757-200 jets have been retired from passenger service and are being used by air cargo operators, due to its age and the aircraft is not an economical aircraft when you compare it to the Boeing 737 series or the Airbus 320.


The Boeing 757-200 now sells for pennies on the dollar. You can pick up a Boeing 757-200 today for $6 to $10 million. Trump put out a video showcasing his Boeing 757-200. The aircraft is fitted with a 43-passenger layout, the aircraft has a flight range of 18 hours at a cruise speed of just a little more than 500 MPH. The aircraft is powered by two Rolls Royce engines. Inside the aircraft, the aircraft is equipped a first class sleeper area which include sleeper seats, a dinning area, lounge entertainment area, a guest bedroom and a master bedroom with a joining master bathroom. The bathroom sink is 24k gold plated. The aircraft also has a VIP area. Throughout the aircraft you will find exterior metal objects gold plated in 24k gold.
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