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Questions Remain Over Death Of A Child In Asiana Airlines Plane Crash

March 10, 2014 - City Attorney’s office states 15 year old teens’ death was due to plane crash. However, coroner’s office reports child’s death from being ran over by a fire truck. San Francisco police alleged child was ran over by fire truck and have identified the driver. However, the driver reports the child was ran over by two trucks. The attorney for the firefighter reports a cover-up. 

Back on July 6, 2013, about 11:28 AM Pacific Time, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 out of South Korea came in for a landing at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The Boeing 777-200ER (HL7742) on its approach to runway 28L was to low for the approach. As the aircraft was landing it clipped the seawall at the beginning of the runway and then slammed onto the runway. 


The San Francisco International Airport fire department and police responded to the crash site. The aircraft was destroyed on impact forces and fire. Of the 4 flight crewmembers, 12 flight attendants, and 291 passengers, about 182 were transported to the hospital with injuries and 3 passengers (teenage girls) were killed. 

Two teenage girls with Chinese passports were found dead outside the aircraft soon after the crash. One of the girls was 15 year old Ye Meng Yuan a student traveling to the United States to attend a summer camp in Southern California. Ye allegedly had been pulled from the aircraft by a firefighter and placed outside near the plane's wing alive but injured. 

As fire trucks pulled up to the plane to put out the fire and to assist one of the fire fighters, as seen from a video from the firefighter’s helmet camera gave a waning of Ye’s presents. However, lots of things were happening, fire trucks were foaming everything including Ye. Ye was killed when her body partially covered in flame-retardant foam was ran over two times by fire trucks. The body was discovered in tire tracks.



Three days after the crash, San Francisco Fire Department turned over to the police video from the helmet camera of Battalion Chief Mark Johnson. The video showed firewomen Elyse Duckett driving over the spot where Ye was hit. After a review of the video police questioned Duckett on July 10th in which she reported seeing the tarp covered teenager on the ground and that firefighter Johnson told her of Ye’s body and that she drove around her and that she could not have hit her. 

Thirteen days after the crash the county’s coroner’s office confirmed that Ye was still alive prior to her being run over by a fire truck. However, in January San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera's office announced that Ye was dead before being struck by the fire truck. 

In January, Elyse Duckett, a 25 year veteran with the San Francisco Fire Department filed a claim against the department with the city in which she alleges the department defamed her by falsely naming her to the media as the driver who ran over and killed 15 year old Ye. Duckett claimed that a battalion chief's helmet camera shows that another truck hit Ye and by the time she was on the scene Ye’s body was coved in foam.

Duckett believes that the fire truck that killed Ye was from Rescue 10 driven by firefighter Jimmy Yee. Duckett told her superiors that "there was a video showing that Rescue 10 was the vehicle that had hit and killed" the girl. Duckett’s attorney, believes his clients name was leaked to the new media, there is a cover up and wants those people held accountable who know exactly what happened and when it happened. 


The San Francisco police department frustrated over the fire departments failure to provide truthful answerers and video of what really happened has forward the case to Steven Wagstaffe, District Attorney for San Mateo County. Sgt. Kevin Edison, noted no criminal negligence charges "appear evident" against any firefighter in Ye's death, and county District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe agreed.

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