Congressional Lobbyist Group Retained To Shut Down Ohio Airport


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Congressional Lobbyist Group Retained To Shut Down Ohio Airport

By Daniel LeClair

May 13, 2011 - It appears the Huron County Development Council, Huron County, Ohio on behalf of the county commissioners, and a businessmen has retained a Washington, DC based congressional lobbyist group to investigate federal legislative avenues for closing Huron County Airport. 

The lobbyist group has already approached US Senator Rob Portman's office, in addition to legislative action to close the airport, the lobbyist group asked about the possibility of waiving the million dollar federal grant money payback to the FAA as part of the legislative action. 

The Senator's staffer advised the group about the difficulties of closing an airport.  The Senator has not issued a position statement as of yet. The ?Friends of the Huron County Airport? intend to send a letter to all three federal legislators (Brown, Portman, and Latta) to get their official stance on the issues, and find out more about the lobbyist group's activities, and requests. 

Huron County Commissioners Left to right: Joe Hintz, Larry Silcox (center), and Gary Bauer (on far right)

It appears the group has, or will talk to the other two federal legislators in this area (Brown, and Latta) to solicit support. The ?Friends of the Huron County Airport? is in need your support more than ever. The ?Friends of the Huron County Airport? has contacted and advised AOPA of the activities, and have stated that their actions and support are especially critical at this point. 

Thursday's newspaper article in the Norwalk Reflector shows the Commissioners lack of concern for the farm community, and businesses which routinely use the airport facility.  

Although the commissioners had promised $5000 for 2011 airport funding, it appears they are refusing to allocate even that small amount. The $17,000 funds that County Commissioner Silcox refers to in the Airport's checking account is there to pay substantial bills which are coming due and include Monthly Mgt Services (600/mo); Annual Liability Insurance (5400.); 1500 gal Fuel Purchase (7600); which equals almost $14,000.  

This amount does not include the monthly utilities or any miscellaneous repairs. Commissioner Silcox is using any excuse he can to make the airport look bad in the eyes of the readers. YOU KNOW BETTER!!!

The ?Friends of the Huron County Airport? suggest those who are concern and want to save the airport to contact the Ohio US Congressman and both US Senators stating your support for the Huron County Airport, and your opposition to any legislative action taken, or supported by them which would close the airport, and open up the sale process of the airport facility to the local drag strip owner. Tell them you want to know what their position is on the issue. Make them put it in writing. To learn more about this story

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