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Beechcraft Corporation Reports Strong First Quarter 2013
By Shane Nolan

May 9, 2013 – Beechcraft Corporation announced a strong first quarter in reporting its delivery data to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

The company reported a total of 59 Beechcraft deliveries, along with the delivery of its final six remaining Hawker 4000 units. In comparison, the company delivered 37 Beechcraft units during the first quarter of 2012. 

On May 3, 2012 Hawker Beechcraft filed bankruptcy which ended with its emergence on February 19, 2013 as a new entity, Beechcraft Corporation, with the Hawker Beechcraft name being retired. 

The new and much smaller company will produce the King Air line of aircraft as well as the T-6 and AT-6 military trainer/attack aircraft and the piston powered single engine Bonanza and twin engine Baron aircraft.

The jet line was discontinued, but the new company will continue to support the aircraft already produced with parts, plus engineering and airworthiness documentation. “The market is responding positively to the new Beechcraft Corporation, as we focus on a strong line of versatile and globally-renowned products like the King Air turboprop, the T-6 military trainer aircraft, and the largest global customer support network in the industry,” said Bill Boisture, CEO. “This is not only reflected in our strong aircraft delivery numbers this quarter, but also evidenced by the highest booking rate the company has seen in the past three years.”

In 2012, Beechcraft King Airs captured 94 percent of the global multi-engine turboprop deliveries. During this year’s Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition, the company announced the first King Air order for pilot training by a private aviation school in China. In addition, the worldwide fleet of King Air turboprops reached a milestone this quarter by exceeding 60 million flight hours, by far leading all business aircraft fleets. 

Another milestone achieved this quarter was the delivery of the 800th T-6 trainer aircraft. This milestone aircraft was one of nine delivered in the first quarter. In addition to its on-time deliveries of the T-6, Beechcraft Defense Company remains focused on securing a launch customer for the AT-6 light attack aircraft. The company expects to learn the outcome of its protest of the Light Air Support contract award with the Government Accountability Office during the second quarter.



Further, the Global Customer Support (GCS) upgrade programs for the Hawker 400XPR and 800XPR are attracting a strong positive response in the marketplace. The 2013 slots for the factory designed, engineered and supported Hawker 400XPR program are sold out as the program completes its final certification phase. In addition, the GCS team and its factory-owned service center network, Hawker Beechcraft Services (HBS), continue to focus on supporting all Hawker and Beechcraft products. As evidence of this team’s experience and expertise, its seven U.S. HBS locations received the prestigious Diamond Award from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Maintenance Technician Program earlier this year, the FAA’s highest distinction for excellence in aircraft maintenance training. 

“Beechcraft Corporation’s first quarter success is a great start for our new company,” Boisture said. “Our plan throughout last year’s restructuring was to emerge as a stronger, more agile organization able to compete in any economy. We are pleased with how our customers are responding to our products and services.” In business since 1932, Beechcraft has built more than 54,000 aircraft and more than 36,000 continue flying today. It leads the industry with a global network of more than 90 factory owned and authorized service centers. The company’s headquarters and major manufacturing facilities are located in Wichita, Kan.

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