United Pilots, ‘Inadvertent’ Reinstatement of 9/11 Flight Numbers ‘Reprehensible’


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United Pilots, ‘Inadvertent’ Reinstatement of 9/11 Flight Numbers ‘Reprehensible’


May 20, 2011 - United Airline’s “inadvertent” reinstatement of Flight Numbers 93 and 175 – flight numbers that have become synonymous with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, demonstrates an absolute and blatant disrespect of the pilots, crew and passengers who lost their lives on that date, according to the pilots of United Airlines. 

“The thought of anyone among management at United Airlines to even consider reinstating these two sacred flight numbers – on the heels of Osama bin Laden’s death -- demonstrates a severe disconnect from right and wrong,” said United MEC Chairman Captain Wendy Morse.  

“Their insensitivity and unconscionable disrespect of these sacred flight numbers and their meaning to the employees of United Airlines and the families of those who lost their lives nearly 10 years ago are not only alarming, but reprehensible.

“How could these flight numbers have been ‘inadvertently reinstated’ as the company indicates? The pilots of United Airlines expect accountability of how these flight numbers were considered in the first place.” 

The United pilots say that this indication of the culture of this airline must cause management to take a hard, close look at itself to determine how missteps such as this occur. 

From the vantage point of the pilots, this “inadvertent reinstatement” of these two flight numbers is inexcusable and an apparent symptom of a much larger problem. The pilots say it is clear United management has serious internal issues to address if they are to make their merger with Continental work, and return United to its desired place as the world’s leading airline. 

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, representing Flight Attendants at United Airlines and 20 other carriers, advised United Airlines management that using flight numbers 93 and 175 is not an option and that these flight numbers should have already been permanently retired. 

The union implores the airline to respond quickly out of respect for the Flight Attendants, Pilots, Customer Service Agents and passengers who lost their lives on those flights as well as all of the families, friends and colleagues who still grieve the loss of our heroes.


“September 11, 2001 forever changed our airline and our country. Everything changed that day and we will never forget the heroic actions of our friends and colleagues or the pain of their loss,” stated Greg Davidowitch, president of AFA at United Airlines. 

“We have advised United Airlines that reinstatement of flights 93 and 175 is a terrible misstep. Out of respect for those who lost their lives and those who will always remember our heroes, United Airlines must do what should have already been done - immediately and permanently retire these flight numbers.”

“Twenty-five Flight Attendants died on September 11th.” Davidowitch said. “Today, and every day, we honor their memory. We will never forget:” 

United Flight 175

Flight Attendant: Robert J. Fangman, Amy N. Jarret, Amy R. King, Kathryn LaBorie, Alfred G. Marchand, Michael C. Tarrou and Alicia N. Titus. Captain: Victor Saracini and First Officer: Michael Horrocks. Customer Service Representative: Marianne MacFarlane and Jesus Sanchez.


United Flight 93

Flight Attendant: Lorraine G. Bay, Sandra Bradshaw, Wanda A. Green, CeeCee Lyles and Deborah Welsh. Captain: Jason Dahl and First Officer: Leroy Homer.

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