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Cessna Selects Garmin G5000 Flight Deck For New Citation Sovereign
By Jim Douglas

November 1, 2012 - Garmin a global leader in satellite navigation announced that Cessna Aircraft Company has selected the Garmin G5000 integrated avionics system for the new Citation Sovereign unveiled at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention in Orlando, Fla.  

“The selection of the G5000 for one of the industry’s most popular business jets is a testament to the performance and capability of Garmin avionics and demonstrates Cessna’s commitment to providing its customers with the most advanced and forward-thinking technology,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing.  


Representing the most intuitive pilot interface ever seen in this class of avionics, the G5000 combines four digital touchscreen controllers and triple multi-pane, widescreen displays enhanced with Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) for the ultimate in situational awareness.
The G5000 system includes a multitude of situational awareness and safety of flight features: 

• SVT, which presents a 3D depiction of terrain, obstacles, traffic and the runway environment on the high resolution primary flight displays
• Dual integrated FMS supporting RNP, LPV, TOLD, and Performance data
• Dual Flight Director and dual channel, fail-passive Autopilot System with full integration to FMS and Autothrottles
• Solid state weather radar, featuring turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression
• Integrated Electronic Checklists
• Electronic documents, manuals and Charts linked to FMS
• Active and passive traffic surveillance functionality using advanced TCAS II/ACAS II technology and featuring patented Garmin ADS-B target correlation and tracking for industry-leading traffic management and airspace monitoring
• Advanced audio capabilities including 3D Audio
• Optional Iridium transceiver providing worldwide weather datalink in addition to voice communications and text messaging
• Optional SiriusXM Satellite Weather for U.S. and Canada provides a variety of weather data such as NEXRAD, METAR, lightning, winds aloft, echo tops and more
• Compliant with ADS-B, FANS 1/A and CPDLC requirements 



With this announcement, Garmin integrated flight decks are on 11 different Cessna aircraft models, including the Stationair, Skylane, Skyhawk, Corvalis TTx, Caravan, Citation Mustang, Citation M2, Citation TEN, Citation Latitude, Citation Longitude and Citation Sovereign.
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