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British Airways Pilot Found Dead May Have Been UK’s Most Prolific Sex Offender
By Mike Mitchell

September 3, 2013 - A British Airways pilot Simon Wood, 54 allegedly took advantage of and used his position as a pilot to sexually abuse children in third world counties as well in the UK. Wood was a First Officer with British Airways (BA) until his death on August 18 when he was found dead after being hit by a train. 

It is believed that Wood committed suicide rather than face his accusers. Wood was to appear in court last Friday (30th August) on charges of indecent assault of a girl under 16, making indecent photographs of a child and possessing indecent images of a child. 

Scotland Yard is investigating charges of sexual assault to numerous children attending and placed in African schools and orphanages by Wood. BA received an anonymous letter back in July which indicated Wood had and continued to sexually abuse children in Africa. 

BA performed an internal investigation, the airline contacted Scotland Yard after the carrier believed it warranted further investigation. It is alleged that Wood, molested youngsters during stopovers in Kenya while flying for British Airways. 

In a statement British Airways said, “We are shocked and horrified to learn of the allegations of child abuse made against the late First Officer Wood. British Airways had no knowledge of the allegations until July this year when we received an anonymous letter. We set up and investigation team sent it to Kenya and uncovered information that gave us cause for concern."

“We immediately contacted the Metropolitan Police, who arrested Mr. Wood a day later. All our crew undergo criminal records checks. We would be absolutely appalled if it transpired that an employee of ours had been cynically using BA’s charitable work as a cover for exploitation of children he was trusted to help.” 

It is alleged that First Officer Simon Wood, 54, molested youngsters during stopovers in Kenya while flying for British Airways. A UK law firm, Leigh Day have confirmed that they are working with the police to determine how many children were abused and the extent to which this extended to victims in the UK as well as Kenya and Uganda. 

Martyn Day, senior partner at Leigh Day, said, "We are currently investigating how Mr. Wood was allowed to have such access to these Kenyan children and also the extent of the allegations against him in relation to his actions in the UK." The law firm has confirmed that they are currently representing 12 victims in Kenya. 



“It is believed the number of those who may have been abused may be far greater in Kenya, Uganda and the UK. Given the length of time and the numbers of children he came into contact with, it's becoming horrifically clear that Mr. Wood had access over many years to hundreds of vulnerable children." The mother of one alleged victim reported her daughter was abused at a five star hotel in Nairobi and that the child, now 14, had since threatened suicide. "I trusted him completely because he seemed so good and so kind. I trusted him with everything, even with my daughter." 

British Airways is potentially facing a huge lawsuit as a result of Wood’s actions. It has been reported that Wood would wear a captain’s uniform when he was only a First Officer and provide youth volunteer services under the name of British Airways. Providing children with BA branded toys and coloring books. The victims charge BA with failure to protect them from Wood’s horrific abuse. It is believed that Wood’s molested children for over 15 years in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, UK, Etc. Prosecutor Peter Zinner said, “Wood was a deeply depraved and corrupt individual who had used his ability to fly to other parts of the world to commit sexual offences against children.” Officials believe Wood may be Britain’s most prolific sex offender. 

Wood had been employed with BA for over 16 years as a copilot and as a pilot he was able to pick unpopular routes to fly, one of those routes was Nairobi in East Africa. Wood would go to Nyumbani orphanage in the Karen area of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, where he would prey on vulnerable children of the slums. In 2002, Wood and 20 BA crew members went to Kenya to provide volunteer youth services and provide the orphanage with medicine and donations raised by BA and community organizers in the UK. Wood told a UK news outlet that was covering the trip, “We play, sing, organize activities and generally entertain them. We become very close to the children.”

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