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Jeppesen Introduces APP To Manage Fatigue Risk For Airline Crew, Crewalert Pro
By Eddy Metcalf

September 11, 2013 - Jeppesen introduces CrewAlert Pro, a new iPad app designed to assist airline crew with preventing and mitigating fatigue. Now available for both iPad and iPhone, CrewAlert Pro helps airline crew and safety professionals comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) fatigue risk management guidelines. 

“CrewAlert Pro now offers powerful Boeing Alertness Model fatigue prediction capabilities in a native iPad app,” said Tomas Klemets, head of Scheduling Safety at Jeppesen.  

“CrewAlert bridges the gap between theoretical science and airline operations, by simplifying fatigue risk management functions for ease of use by crew in their daily work. Overall, CrewAlert Pro on iPad will help to transform fatigue risk management for the airline industry, through increased integration with airline crew scheduling systems and with fleet-wide airline enterprise deployment capabilities.” 


To support airlines in fatigue risk management system implementation, Jeppesen offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. The web-based Jeppesen Crew Fatigue Assessment Service provides automated crew fatigue metrics for submitted crew rosters.

Jeppesen also offers fatigue risk control capabilities during roster optimization processes as well as business consultancy, training courses and fatigue data collection and analysis. In addition to its fatigue risk management tools, Jeppesen also offers a complete suite of airline-based crew and fleet management services, including Jeppesen Crew Rostering, Crew Pairing, Crew Tracking, Manpower Planning and Tail Assignment.

CrewAlert Pro features

· Predictive capabilities for fatigue avoidance and awareness.
· Proactive fatigue data collection.
· Provision of operational fatigue mitigation strategies tailored to crew roster context and individual crew settings.
· Reactive fatigue reporting to provide a streamlined process for both crew and safety departments.
· Analysis of scheduling patterns and fatigue and incident reports.


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