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Tommy Lee's Former Pilot Killed In Plane Crash

August 11, 2015 - The pilot of the Cessna 182F Skylane that crashed in Santa Barbara County, California on Thursday that killed two had an FAA disciplinary record.

David Martz, 58, of San Diego had departed Lompoc Airport in Santa Barbara County, California for McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad with his passenger, Birger Greg Bacino, 56, of San Diego who was on a business trip. Bacino was the owner of healthcare company Mutual Alliance.

Shorty after takeoff, about 9:35 PM, Martz contacted ATC to report the Cessna 182, N5738F, was having engine problems. The aircraft crashed in a remote area north of Jameson Lake, about 40 miles north of Ojai. Due to the terrain and location, rescue teams were not able to recover the bodies until the following day.


FAA records indicate that Martz, who is better know as ‘Helicopter Dave’ had his pilots license suspended several times due to infractions of FAA regulations. Martz had his pilots license revoked three times and was facing a fourth revocation proceeding before that cash on Thursday Night.

FAA records indicate that Martz had his license revoked in 1986, for operating an aircraft with an expired registration and not having a current medical certificate. In 2004, Martz was also caught flying an aircraft with revoked pilots license and for flying his aircraft at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego at or below 50 feet from people and property.

In 2006, Martz was in trouble again with the FAA after he landed his helicopter on a Los Angeles road to pick up Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee to take him to a concert.  In 2009, Martz lost his pilots license after the FAA learned that Martz was engaged in oral sex with adult film actress Puma Swede while piloting a helicopter over San Diego, which was captured on videotape. No criminal charges where filed against him but he was charged with reckless operation of an aircraft, landing an aircraft on a public road.


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