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20th Century Fox Pays Colton Harris-Moore Victim Restitution For Movie Deal

November 23, 2015 - 20th Century Fox makes final payment to the U.S. Marshal Service in connection to Colton Harris-Moore aka the "Barefoot Bandit" plea agreement in which he was required to pay his victims more than $1.3 million in restitution.

Colton Harris-Moore who was from Camano Island, Washington had committed a number of crimes. In April 2008 he escaping from a juvenile detention centre were he began his crime spree across the country, Canada and in the Bahamas over a two year period.

He is more notably know for stealing aircraft and crashing them. He was dubbed the Barefoot Bandit because several of the crimes committed was done so in barefoot. Colton Harris-Moore crime spree ended when he stole an aircraft in the U.S., then crash landed in the Bahamas in 2010.

Within days of landing in the Bahamas Colton Harris-Moore attempted to flee the Bahamas in a boat, but the Bahamian police caught up to him and shot out the engine in the boat. He was arrested and flown back to the states were he was to be tried and sentenced in US District Court in Seattle.

At that time Harris-Moore's mother retained two lawyers, Yale Lewis who provided legal counsel for her regarding book and movie deals relating to her son and John Browne who would handle Colton Harris-Moore criminal defense. In court, Colton Harris-Moore pled guilty to a number of feral charges. In a 28-page plea agreement, the 20 year old then had agreed to forfeit any profits, intellectual property and life story rights from his crimes.



In addition, under the federal charges he would serve six and a half years (will face state prison time) and be required to pay victim restitution. US attorney Jenny Durkan said, "Mr Harris-Moore's flight from justice has ended. He will spend a significant amount of time in prison and he will not make a dime from his crimes." In 2010, 20th Century Fox agreed to pay Colton Harris-Moore court ordered victim restitution, in exchange, 20th Century Fox would obtain the movie rights on a book called Taking Flight, The Hunt For A Young Outlaw by Bob Friel. Last week 20th Century Fox paid U.S. Marshal Service in Seattle the last payment of $900,000 in Colton Harris-Moore victim restitution. The movie is expected to hit the big screen in two years. Colton Harris-Moore remains locked up at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, Washington.

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