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11 Killed 13 Injured After Fighter Jet Crash At Shoreham Airshow

August 23, 2015 - On Saturday a 1950's restored British Hunter T7 (G-BXFI/WV372) fighter jet crashed while participating in the annual Shoreham Airshow, Shoreham Airport, England killing 11 and injuring at least 13 other.

Before airshow onlookers, about 1:20 PM, the pilot of the Hunter T7 fighter jet was performing a loop maneuver when the pilot failed to pull the jet out of the loop, the jet crashed on a highway, A27 just outside Shoreham-by-Sea and burst into flames.

The Hunter T7 jet slammed into a number of cars. The pilot has been identified as Andy Hill who survived the crash. However, he is in serious condition. It has been reported that Hill is a pilot for British Airways and a former RAF Harrier pilot.

The injuries were contained to the highway and there were no injuries at the airport. 11 people have been declared dead and that number may go up authorities reported. 13 individuals were treated for minor injuries.

The airshow was then cancelled was then cancelled and Sunday's event was also cancelled. The Air Accident Investigation Bureau has asked airshow onlookers to provide them with video and photographs of the aircraft just before the crash and including the crash.

The Royal Air Forces Association were the event organizers, they reported Sundays event would not take place because of the serious nature incident and that their focus helping the authorities with their investigations.



The Shoreham Airshow is held annually at Shoreham Airport. The event is to raise funds to assist the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA). The RAFA is the largest single Service membership organization and the longest standing registered service charity that provides welfare support to British's Royal Air Force Families. Providing help and support to current and former members of the Royal Air Force and their dependants. The Shoreham Airshow brings together in late summer a number of WWII aircraft and helicopters for display and provide a two day aerial airshow. In addition, the event also displays classic cars.

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