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New Cessna Skyhawk Order To Expand Civil Air Patrol Fleet

February 2, 2015 - Cessna Aircraft announced an order from the U.S. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) for 21 new Cessna Skyhawk 172 aircraft, the latest in a relationship spanning 40 years.

CAP, a federally chartered non-profit organization and designated by Congress in 1948 as the Air Force auxiliary, performs services for the federal government and for states and local communities such as search-and-rescue and disaster relief.

“Few things are as fulfilling to all of us than our continued support of the CAP, our largest customer for single-engine piston aircraft,” said Joe Hepburn, senior vice president, Piston Aircraft.

“The men and women of the CAP are involved in search-and-rescue operations, disaster relief, flight training, youth development and in promoting aviation throughout the country. We are proud to provide them aircraft in support of their mission.”

The Skyhawks, produced at the company’s facility in Independence, Kansas will be delivered throughout the first half of 2015, replacing older models in CAP’s fleet. In addition to the standard equipment on the aircraft, including the Garmin G1000 avionics suite, the new CAP Skyhawks will be equipped for glider towing. The CAP operates a fleet of 550 aircraft, most of which are Skyhawks and Cessna Skylane 182 piston aircraft. It also operates 46 gliders.

“Cessna is one of our most valued partners,” said Don Rowland, chief operating officer of Civil Air Patrol. “Flying high wing aircraft is very helpful for CAP especially in conducting photo reconnaissance flights for emergency service providers in the aftermath of disasters, and the Skyhawk and Skylane are perfectly suited for our needs.”



With more than 48,000 Skyhawks delivered since 1955, it is the most popular aircraft model ever produced. The Cessna Skyhawk has been used by operators around the world in any number of missions and has earned a reputation for offering the best combination of modern features, including the G1000 avionics system and proven dependability.

CAP consists of more than 58,000 volunteer members that include 8,800 aircrew and 30,500 emergency responders trained to U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency standards. CAP contributed some $158 million worth of man-hours to local communities and the nation in 2014.
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