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Sun Country Airlines Threatens To Shut Down If Union Doesn't Agrees To Proposal

May 9, 2015 - On Wednesday Sun Country Airlines Chairman, Marty Davis sent off a letter to Air Line Pilots Association, International, the pilots union which indicated his offer to the pilots union was its ‘last, best and final’ offer.

Sun Country Airlines, headquartered in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota operates scheduled and charter flights to destinations in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The company currently operates 7 Boeing 737-700 and 14 Boeing 737-800 a total of 21 aircraft.

Sun Country Airlines is currently in  company's employee pay dispute with its pilots union and has threatened to ground its planes if the union does not except the boards final offer. In the letter Davis stated the company's management has "begun the process of downsizing the airline, for what will need to be its ultimate shut-down."


The Air Line Pilots Association views this as a bargaining tactic and has informed its pilots to continue to show up for work and continue to do their jobs the way they have in the past. Sun Country Airlines has declined to comment on the shut down of the airline. On Thursday Air Line Pilots Association released a statement.

Media Statement by Capt. Brian Roseen, Chairman of the Sun Country Master Executive Council, Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l.

“The Sun Country Master Executive Council (SCA MEC) of the Air Line Pilots Association, International, the collective bargaining representative of SCA pilots, has received media inquiries related to reports about a communication from SCA management threatening a wind down of Sun Country Airlines.

“Yesterday, the SCA MEC received a letter from Mr. Marty Davis, Chairman and owner of Sun Country. Mr. Davis' letter asserts that after five years of negotiations, the first comprehensive economic proposal presented by the company is also its ‘last, best and final’ proposal. In essence, it's a take-it or leave-it offer. He claims that he has begun the process of downsizing the airline, although we have seen no evidence of this. In the interest of full disclosure to our members, we forwarded Mr. Davis’ communication to the pilot group last night.



“Mediation required under the provisions of the Railway Labor Act is now being conducted by the National Mediation Board in Washington, DC. The Association has made clear its willingness to meet anytime and anywhere to continue mediation. The NMB has tentatively set May 27-29 in Washington, DC as the scheduled next date for meetings. ALPA believes the Company was unwilling to meet sooner. At that meeting, ALPA will provide a counter-proposal to the Company's offer that seeks to narrow the remaining gaps between the parties' positions.

“We are disappointed Mr. Davis has chosen to respond to us with the threat of a shutdown even as the Association is prepared to present its counter-proposal. We appreciate the NMB's tireless efforts to conduct mediation, and reiterate that our pilots are determined to rise above their current status as the lowest-paid B-737 scheduled service pilots in the country.

“Sun Country pilots intend to show up for work tomorrow and continue to do our jobs the way we always have -- safely, professionally and courteously. The Association looks forward to opportunities later this month to continue our good-faith efforts to reach a comprehensive agreement that reflects established pay and benefit patterns, and trusts that Company executives will participate with the same intention.”

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